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    Trade report for the year 1945 Vol 1:
    (Head of the Federal Military Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1972-09-13) GOWON, Yakubu
    The Task Force Approach 5; The Economic Impact of Public Sector Salary Increases 13; The Proposal 17; The Action Plan 26; The Terms of Reference 33; The Grading Proposals 36; The Salary Analysis Exhibits 250; The Proposed Salary Schedule 264; The Phased Salary Schedule 266.
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    Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria 1940
    (1940-03-03) LEGISLATIVE Council of Nigeria
    Address by His excellency the governor; The Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Ordinance, 1940; The Motor Traffic (Amendment) Ordinance, 1940; The Prisons (Amendment) Ordinance, 1940.
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    Reports of cases decided in the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the High Court of Western Nigeria 1959 and 1960
    (The High Court of Western Nigeria, 1959) edited by The COMMITTEE for Law Reporting Western Nigeria
    Aggrieved Party-pg.52; Appeal-pg.8; Certiorari-pg.44; Chief-pg.44; Civil Cause-pg.44; Civil Procedure and Practice-pg.44; Contract-pg.1; Court-pg.44; Criminal Law and Procedure-pg.10; Dentinue-pg.16; Election Petition-pg.14; Evidence-pg.16; Interpretation of Statures-pg.44; Judicial Functions-pg.44; Jurisdiction-pg.44; Local Government Council:-pg.52; Prerogative Writs-pg.44; Ultra Vires-pg.36; Chiefs Law, 1957-pg.44; Common Law Procedure Act, 1860-pg.50; Criminal Code, Cap. 42-pg.27; Criminal Procedure Ordinance, Cap. 43:-pg.27; Evidence Ordinance, Cap. 63:-pg.43; Foreign Jurisdiction Act, 1890-pg.36; Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (War Restriction) Act 1915-pg.49; London Government Act, 1939:-pg.56; Local Government Law, 1957:s.27-pg.36; Local Government Staff Regulations, 1955-pg.52; Magistrates’ Courts Law, 1954:s.109-pg.8; Matrimonial Causes Act, 1937: s.2-pg.11; Medical Act, 1858-pg.47; Mercantile Law (Amendment) Act, 1856:s.3-pg.1; Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Ordinance, Cap.139:s.3(2) –pg.10; Nigeria (Constitution) Order in Council, 1954: s.37-pg.37; Parliamentary and Local Government Electoral Regulations, 1955: reg. 37(1)-pg.60; Patents, Design, and Trade Marks Act, 1883-pg.50; Rules of the Supreme Court (English) Ord. 13:r. 6-pg.16; Statute of Frauds, 1677:s. 4-pg.1; Supreme Court (Election Petition) Rules, 1951:-pg.11; Supreme Court Rules: Order XI, r.3-pg.20; Western Region (Appointment and Recognition of Chiefs) Law, 1954:s.19-pg.44; Western Region High Court Law, 1954: s.55 (3)-pg.37; Western House of Assembly (Elected Members) Electoral Regulations, 1951: reg. 172 (3)-pg.20; Western Region Local Government Law, 1952: s.33-pg.36; Westminster Court of Request Act, 23, Geo.2, c.27-pg.50;
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    Emerging discourse in nutrition education for sustainable diet development and healthy lifestyle
    (Oyo State: Department of Home Economics Education, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, 2017-02) ADEDOKUN, Oyetunde Adeduntan Olajumoke
    Introduction; Challenges on dietary intake in the community; Database on nutritional status and micro-nutrient deficiencies in Nigeria; National nutrition policy and the sustainable; Development goals; Nutrition education use, adds varieties into the diet and reduce for sustainable diet and healthy lifestyle; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.
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    Statistical Bulletin:
    (Central Bank of Nigeria,, 2018-12-29) CENTRAL Bank of Nigeria
    Financial Statistics; Central Banking; Deposit Money Bank; Development and Specialize Financial Institutions; Capital Markets; Money Market and Government Securities; Savings Statistics and Financial Deeping; Public Financial Statistics; Domestic Production, Consumption and Prices; Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (ACGSF) operations; External Sectors Statistics; Statistical Expectations Survey.
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    The Suspending Properties of Cissus Rubiginosa Fruit Mucilage in Paracetamol Suspension Formulation
    (Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 2017) OLAYEMI O.J; ANYEBE S. N.; APEJI Y.E
    Introduction; Materials and methods; Results And discussion; Conclusion; References.
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    European Union election observation mission: Nigeria 2023 Final report
    (European Union Election Observation Mission, 2023) EUROPEAN Union Election Observation Mission
    International principles and commitments pg.12; Electoral law pg.13; Electoral system pg.14; Electoral administration pg.15; Structure and composition of the election administration pg.15; Public trust in the election administration pg.16; Election preparations pg.16; Election technology pg.18; Legal framework pg.18; Implementation pg.19; Voter registration pg.21; The right to vote pg.21; Voter registration pg.21; Registration of parties and candidates pg.22; Participation of political parties pg.22; Selection of candidates and party primaries pg.22.
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    Basic facts about the teachers displinary committee and teachers investigating panel
    (Wuse 2, Abuja(Plot 567 Aminu Kano Crescent PMB 526 Garki): Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria (TRCN),, 2017) TEACHERS registration council of Nigeria (TRCN) federal ministry of education
    Teachers displinary committee (TDC); Teachers investigating panels (TIP); Discipline and punishment; ACTS, Commission or omission adjudged to be misconduct.
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    Instrument for Monitoring and Evaluation of Teachers Education Policies in the Open and Distance Education Study Centres of National Teachers' Institute (NTI) Kaduna
    (Department of Planning, Research and Statistics, National Commission For Colleges OF Education (NCCE), Abuja, 2022) NATIONAL Commision for Colleges of Education (NCCE)
    Introduction; Quality assurance framework (QAF); Locus of QA; Temporal frame and sequence; QA modes; Dimension of QA; The present task; General background
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    Guidelines on Mineral Titles Application
    (Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office, 2014-01) NIGERIA Mining Cadastre office
    Introduction; Types of mineral titles; Requirements for application of mineral titles; Summary of information on mineral titles; Shapes of licenses and lease; Licence/permit application procedures; Fees.
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    Annual Report: for the year ended December 31, 2018.
    (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), 2019) NIGERIA Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Particulars; NDIC Operations and performance; Insured institutions’ performance and profile; Consumer education; Appendices
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    Teachers registration council of Nigeria (TRCN) 2012 annual report
    (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TCRN), 2012) TEACHERS Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
    Introduction; Office of the Registrar/Chief Executive; Department of administration and supplies; Five Department of finance and accounts; Department of planning, research, and statistics; Department of professional operations
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    National Commission for Colleges of Education Abuja 2019 and 2020 Budget Performance Report (Expenditure and Location)
    (National Commission For Colleges Of Education, Abuja, 2019) NATIONAL Commission for Colleges of Education
    Description; Appropriation percentage released; Actual expenditure; Location of project
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    SIXTH annual report of the western region marketing board 1st October, 1959 to 30th September, I960:
    (Ibadan: The Government Printer,, 1960) WESTERN Region Marketing Board
    Introduction; General; Review of operations during the period covered by the report; Financial allocation for scientific research and economic development; Board’s accounts and financial position; Conclusion.
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    Statistical Digest of Teachers in Nigeria 2015-2018
    (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TCRN), 2019) Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
    Foreword; Introduction; Statistical data of teachers In primary schools; Statistical data of teachers in secondary schools; Statistical data of teachers In tertiary institutions; Statistical data of TRCN members in administrative positions, Statistical data of licensed members; Statistical data of induction conducted by institutions; Statistical data on professional qualifying examination; Nigeria tertiary institutions’ profile; Call For Papers.
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    Treatment Guidelines for Delivery of Child Eye Health Services in Nigeria
    (Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria, 2019) Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria
    Pediatric cataract; Childhood glaucoma; Amblyopia; Endophthalmitis; Conjunctivitis; Keratitis/corneal ulcer; Orbital cellulitis; Preseptal cellulitis; Stye (hordoleum); Trachoma; Uveitis; Chalazion; Foreign Body (FB) in the eye; Foreign Body (FB) in the eye; Hyphema; Low vision; Refractive errors; Retinoblastoma; Strabismus; Vitamin A deficiency; Measles; Retinopathy of prematurity; Sickle cell and the eye; Albinism; Ptosis; Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction; Complications arising from harmful eye practices; Keratoconus
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    A Stepwise Quality Improvement Checklist for Federal Tertiary Hospitals: Surgical services and operating theatres
    (Department of Hospital Services - Federal Ministry of Health, 2019) DEPARTMENT of Hospital Services - Federal Ministry of Health
    Introduction; Objectives of the checklist; Assessment scoring; General information; Staffing Summary.
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    Report Of A Meeting On The World Bank Supported Better Education Service Delivery For All (BESDA) Programme For Result (Pforr) Operations
    (Ministry of Education, Kano, 2018-09-06) MINISTRY OF EDUCATION
    Introduction; Objectives of the visit; Attendance; Methodology to the visit; Remarks/Addresses;  Presentation;   Discussions/Resolutions;  General observations/recommendations; Specific observations/recommendations by Agencies;   Closing remark/vote of thanks by the Hon. Commissioner; Conclusion
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    Education For Change: 2021 Annual Report
    (Federal Ministry of Education, 2021) Federal Ministry of Education
    Introduction; Out of school children (OOSC); Youth and adult literacy; Basic and secondary education; Teacher education, capacity building and professional development; Curriculum and policy matters; Tertiary education; Education data and planning; Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education; Library services in education.
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    NDIC Quarterly September-December 2017 Vol. 32 No. 3 & 4
    (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), 2017) RESEARCH, Policy and International Relations and Insurance and Surveilance Department, NDIC
    Review of developments in banking and finance for Q3 and Q4 2017; Financial condition and performance of DMBs for Q3 and Q4 2017; Mobile money and monetary policy in Nigeria; The effects of oil price volatility on selected banking stock prices in Nigeria.