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    Federal military government's views on the report of the federal assets investigation panel 1975
    (Lagos: Federal Ministry of Information Printing Division,, 1976) FEDERAL ministry of information printing division,
    Public officer; Brigadier S. 0. Ogbemudia; Alhaji Audu Bako; Mr Ukpabi Asika; MR J. D. Gomwalk; Commander A. P. Diete-Spiff; Alhaji Shehu Shagari; Brigadier C. O. Rotimi; DR N. B. Graham-Douglas; Brigadier Abba Kyari; Brigadier Musa Usman; Colonel David Bamigboye; Shettima Alli Monguno; Mr G. C. Akwaeze; Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson; Dr Okot Arikpo; Brigadier U.J. Esuene; Alhaji Usman Faruk; Mr E K. Clark; Chief Anthony Enahoro; Dismissal of ex-military governors
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    Eastern Nigeria information service corporation accounts 1st April 1962-31st March 1963:
    (Enugu: The Government Printer,, 1965) MINISTRY of information eastern Nigeria
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    Report of the eastern Nigeria information service corporation accounts 1st April 1961 — 31st March 1962
    (Enugu:The Government Printer, 1964) The director of audit eastern Nigeria
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    A bill for governor of Delta state of Nigeria
    (Delta State: Government of Delta State of Nigeria, 2022-12-22) GOVERNMENT of Delta state of Nigeria
    First schedule recurrent expenditure; Second schedule capital expenditure
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    A bill for the Delta state internal revenue service.
    (Delta State: Internal Revenue Service,, 2020) DELTA state internal revenue service.
    Preliminary; Establishment, membership and functions of the state internal revenue service and its board; Establishment, composition and functions of the technical committee, local government revenue committee and joint state revenue committee; Financial provisions;Tax administration and enforcement; Miscellaneous
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    A bill for the Delta state house of assembly.
    (Delta State: Government of Delta State of Nigeria, 2022-12-16) GOVERNMENT of Delta state of Nigeria
    First schedule recurrent expenditure; Second schedule capital expenditure
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    The public service of Nigeria:
    (Lagos state: Federal Ministry of Information, Printing Division,, 1975-09) FEDERAL republic of Nigeria
    Government views on the report of the public service review panel; State civil service; Nigerian Police Force; Senior management positions; Middle management supervising and junior positions; Entry point into recruitment grade level
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    Annual report for 1956 on the working of the public service commission western region, Nigeria
    (Lagos: The Government Printer Western Region of Nigeria, 1956) The government western region of Nigeria
    The purpose; The objective—Nigerianisation; The progress of Nigerianisation; The personnel and staff of the commission; The functions of the commission; The business procedure, of the commission; The recruitment directorate; The overseas public service selection board; The Nigeria liaison office in Washington; The prospect of Nigerianisation;
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    Report by the Committee to advise the federal government on the stimulation of industrial development by affording relief from import duties and protection to Nigerian industry
    (Lagos state: Federal Government Printer,, 1955) FEDERATION of Nigeria
    Summary of Recommendation-General Principles; Decision on particular industries; Method of stimulating; Machinery for implementing relief from import duties or protection; Protection from competition; Financial assistance; Control of exploit;
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    Annual report of co-operative department ministry of commerce 1956-57
    (Enugu: Eastern Region of Nigeria,, 1958) EASTERN region of Nigeria
    General Progress; Thrift and Credit; Thrift; Central Finance; Consumer and Supply Societies; Produce Marketing and Processing; Crafts and Industries; Women's Societies; Other Societies; Education and Propaganda; Registrations and Liquidations; Miscellaneous; Statistics of Co-operative Societies; Chart of Organisation of Division;
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    Annual volume of the law of the eastern region of Nigeria 1958:
    (The Government Printer Eastern Region Nigeria, 1958) The GOVERNMENT eastern region Nigeria
    The Acquisition of Land by Aliens Law, 1958; The Children and Young Persons Law, 1958;The Cinema Corporation of Nigeria (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Commission of Inquiry Ordinance (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Criminal Code (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Customary Courts (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Director of Public Prosecutions Law, 1958; The Dogs Ordinance (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Eastern Nigeria Information Service (Amendment) Law,1958; The Eastern Nigeria Printing Corporation (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Agricultural (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Appropriation Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Development Corporation (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Forest (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Library Board (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Local Government (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Local Government (Amendment No. 2) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Local Government (Extension of Office) Law, 1958; The Eastern Region Supplementary Appropriation Law, 1958; The Fatal Accidents (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Finances (Amendment) Law, 1958;The Illiterates Protection Ordinance (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Magistrates Court (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Oaths and Affirmations (Amendment) Law, 1958;The Pharmaceutical Corporation (Liquidation) Law, 1958; The Publications (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Public Holidays (Amendment) Law, 1958;The Public Lands Acquisition Ordinance (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Public Service Commission Law, 1958; The Purchase Tax on Produce (Amendment) Law, 1958; The Recognition of Chiefs (Amendment) Law, 1958;The Riot Damages Law, 1958;The Tourist Corporation of Eastern Nigeria (Amendment Law, 1958; The University of Nigeria (Amendment) Law, 1958; The University of Nigeria (Provisional Council) Law, 1958;The Vegetable Oil Refining (Licence and Control) (Amendment) Law, 1958;
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    Report of the Commission on the Marking of West African Cocoa
    (London: His Majesty Stationary Office,, 1938) SECRETARY of State for the Colonies
    Production and Exports; System of Government in the Colony and Ashanti; The “ oath; The Cocoa Industry in the Gold Coast; History of development and present importance; Conditions of cultivation; Loans and Agricultural Indebtedness; Future prospects; Cocoa Marketing in the Gold Coast; Buying Agreement; Preparation for market; Possible routes to market; Middlemen; Scale-buyers; Sub-brokers; Brokers; Independent Buyers; Exporters; Agreements made between buyers and their employers...; Financing of buyers; Remuneration: Commissions, Salary and Allowances; The fixing of buying prices: Stock declarations; Returns to Producers and Middlemen; transport costs; Cocoa Farmers' Co-operative Marketing and Credit Societies; The system of marketing Co-operative cocoa; General conclusion on the Co-operative Societies; History of development and present importance; Conditions of cultivation..
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    Guidelines on financial and technical assistance to operating insured banks and deposit taking financial institutions.
    (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, 2014) Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Policy objectives pg.3; Types of assistance to insured institutions pg.4; The procedure for granting financial assistance pg.6; Security and repayment pg.8; Formal agreement with the corporation for financial and technical assistance pg.8; Supplementary issues pg.10.
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    Fifth Annual Report of the Eastern Regional Development Board, 1953-54
    (Port Harcourt: C. M. S. Niger Press,, 1954-03-31) Eastern Regional Development Board
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    SECOND annual report of the Eastern regional marketing board:
    (Port Harcourt, Rivers State: The Eastern Regional Marketing Board, Regional Executive Office, Department of Marketing and Exports, 1956., 1956) Eastern Regional Marketing Board
    In general, this Report follows the arrangement adopted for the Board’s First Annual Report. It is divided into nine main sections under the following headings; on a Membership and Meetings of the Board and its Representative Committees, and Executive Arrangements, Producer Price Policies : Palm Oil, Palm Kernels, Cocoa, Benniseed and Soya Beans. Marketing Arrangements in the Eastern Region. Review of Operations. Selling Organisation and Arrangements. Financial Allocations for Economic Development and Research. Board’s Accounts and Financial Position.
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    Office Directory Lagos Area
    (Lagos (9 Yakubu Gowon Street): Federal Ministry of Information Printing Division,, 1974) MINISTRY of Information
    Supreme Headquarters Pg.11; Cabinet Office Pg.12; Political and Civil Service Matters Division Pg.12; Cabinet Office - Cabinet Office Pg.12; Political and Civil Service Matters Division Pg.12; Security Division Pg.12; Economic and Financial Matters Division P.g12; Nigerian Council for Science and Technology Division Pg.13; National Universities Commission Pg.13; Directorate for National Youth Service Corps Pg13; Nigeria Police P.g13; Regional Branches Pg.14; Police Service Commission Pg.14; Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources - Headquarters and Administration Pg.17; Federal Fisheries Service Pg.17; Department of Veterinary Research, Vom Pg.17; Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria Pg.18; Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research Pg.18; Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research Pg.19; Department of Forest Research Pg.19; Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria Pg.22; Department of Forestry Pg.23; Crop Protection Branch Pg.23; Crop Nutrition Branch Pg.25; Crop Production Branch Pg.25; Nigerian Meteorological Services Pg.26; Ministry of Communications - Administrative Division Pg.28; Investigation Division Branch Postal Services Division Pg.28; Savings Branch Pg.28; Finance and Accounts Division Pg.29; Telecommunications Division 29; Regional Branches29; Nigerian External Telecommunications Limited 30
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    Annual volumes of the laws of northern Nigeria 1966 volume one
    (The Government Printer Minna, 1966) The government printer Minna
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    Trade report for the year 1945 Vol 1:
    (Head of the Federal Military Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1972-09-13) GOWON, Yakubu
    The Task Force Approach 5; The Economic Impact of Public Sector Salary Increases 13; The Proposal 17; The Action Plan 26; The Terms of Reference 33; The Grading Proposals 36; The Salary Analysis Exhibits 250; The Proposed Salary Schedule 264; The Phased Salary Schedule 266.
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    Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria 1940
    (1940-03-03) LEGISLATIVE Council of Nigeria
    Address by His excellency the governor; The Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Ordinance, 1940; The Motor Traffic (Amendment) Ordinance, 1940; The Prisons (Amendment) Ordinance, 1940.
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    Reports of cases decided in the Supreme Court of Nigeria and the High Court of Western Nigeria 1959 and 1960
    (The High Court of Western Nigeria, 1959) edited by The COMMITTEE for Law Reporting Western Nigeria
    Aggrieved Party-pg.52; Appeal-pg.8; Certiorari-pg.44; Chief-pg.44; Civil Cause-pg.44; Civil Procedure and Practice-pg.44; Contract-pg.1; Court-pg.44; Criminal Law and Procedure-pg.10; Dentinue-pg.16; Election Petition-pg.14; Evidence-pg.16; Interpretation of Statures-pg.44; Judicial Functions-pg.44; Jurisdiction-pg.44; Local Government Council:-pg.52; Prerogative Writs-pg.44; Ultra Vires-pg.36; Chiefs Law, 1957-pg.44; Common Law Procedure Act, 1860-pg.50; Criminal Code, Cap. 42-pg.27; Criminal Procedure Ordinance, Cap. 43:-pg.27; Evidence Ordinance, Cap. 63:-pg.43; Foreign Jurisdiction Act, 1890-pg.36; Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (War Restriction) Act 1915-pg.49; London Government Act, 1939:-pg.56; Local Government Law, 1957:s.27-pg.36; Local Government Staff Regulations, 1955-pg.52; Magistrates’ Courts Law, 1954:s.109-pg.8; Matrimonial Causes Act, 1937: s.2-pg.11; Medical Act, 1858-pg.47; Mercantile Law (Amendment) Act, 1856:s.3-pg.1; Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Ordinance, Cap.139:s.3(2) –pg.10; Nigeria (Constitution) Order in Council, 1954: s.37-pg.37; Parliamentary and Local Government Electoral Regulations, 1955: reg. 37(1)-pg.60; Patents, Design, and Trade Marks Act, 1883-pg.50; Rules of the Supreme Court (English) Ord. 13:r. 6-pg.16; Statute of Frauds, 1677:s. 4-pg.1; Supreme Court (Election Petition) Rules, 1951:-pg.11; Supreme Court Rules: Order XI, r.3-pg.20; Western Region (Appointment and Recognition of Chiefs) Law, 1954:s.19-pg.44; Western Region High Court Law, 1954: s.55 (3)-pg.37; Western House of Assembly (Elected Members) Electoral Regulations, 1951: reg. 172 (3)-pg.20; Western Region Local Government Law, 1952: s.33-pg.36; Westminster Court of Request Act, 23, Geo.2, c.27-pg.50;