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The Apex Repository of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with objectives to:

  • Preserve in electronic format the intellectual and cultural resources of Nigeria for posterity.
  • Increase the visibility of the Nigerian knowledge storehouse and its scholarly, literary and cultural heritage; and
  • To increase the availability and accessibility of local Nigerian content to the global community.

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  • Speeches/Essays of past and present Presidents, Political office holders of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other well meaning Nigerians
  • A collection of all autobiography /biographical works of individuals and groups in Nigeria
  • Collection containing extensive selection of framed autographs, manuscripts, historical books and materials from pre-colonial times
  • A collection of the constitutions, Laws and Acts of the Federal Government of Nigeria, all Political parties and parastatals
  • Collections/ Links from Repository contents within and about Nigeria
  • Historical information of Nigerians based on personal narration
  • A collection of all official government gazettes and circulars by the Federal Government of Nigeria and its federating states.
  • A collection of writings on different subjects published in journals and other periodicals
  • A collection of Maps of different locations in Nigeria

Recent Submissions

ItemOpen Access
5 YEAR Strategic Plan National Library of Nigeria (2020 - 2024)
(National Library of Nigeria, 2020) National Library of nigeria
ItemOpen Access
Teacher Education and Sustainable Arabic Studies in the Nigerian Educational System
(Department of Arabic Studies, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education Oyo, Oyo State:, 2016-12) JAMIU, Akano Ishaq
Introduction; The concepts of sustainability and sustainable development; Teacher education in Nigeria; The concept of teacher education; The objectives of teacher education; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.
ItemOpen Access
Enhancing Effective Teaching and Learning of Social Studies Concepts in Secondary Schools through Reinforcement
(Department of Social Studies, The College of Education, Lanlate. Oyo State:, 2016-12) OGUNDIRAN, Olatunde John
Introduction; Concept of Learning; Factors affecting learning; Hull's theory of learning; Application of Hull's theory to classroom situation; Reinforcement; Thorndike theory of reinforcement; Application of Thorndike's theory to classroom situation; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.
ItemOpen Access
Social Studies Education a Catalyst for Sustainable Development
(Department of Social Studies, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo, Oyo State, 2017-03) OYEWALE, Aderemi Oyetunde
Introduction; Conceptualizing social studies; Concept of sustainable development; Emerging issues in social studies education towards fostering ustainable Development; The Need for Repositioning Social Studies Education in Nigeria for Sustainable National Development; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.
ItemOpen Access
Effects of field trips/historical excursions on the teaching and learning of history in Emmanuel Alayande college of education, Oyo
(Oyo: Department of History, Emmanuel Alayande College Of Education, Oyo, 2016-12) FOLARANMI, Adam Aderemi
Introduction; Method of data collection; Findings and discussions; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.