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The Apex Repository of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with objectives to:

  • Preserve in electronic format the intellectual and cultural resources of Nigeria for posterity.
  • Increase the visibility of the Nigerian knowledge storehouse and its scholarly, literary and cultural heritage; and
  • Increase the availability and accessibility of Nigerian content to the global community.

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  • Speeches/Essays of past and present Presidents, Political office holders of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other well meaning Nigerians
  • Collection containing extensive selection of framed autographs, manuscripts, historical books and materials from pre-colonial times
  • A collection of the constitutions, Laws and Acts of the Federal Government of Nigeria, all Political parties and parastatals
  • Historical information of Nigerians based on personal narration
  • A collection of all official government gazettes and circulars by the Federal Government of Nigeria and its federating states.
  • A collection of writings on different subjects published in journals and other periodicals
  • A collection of Maps of different locations in Nigeria
  • A collection of detailed written study of a single specialised subject or an aspect of it

Recent Submissions

ItemOpen Access
Debates in the legislative council of Nigeria.
(The Legislative Council of Nigeria., 1940-03-04) The legislative council of Nigeria.
Pursuant to notice the honourable members of the legislative council met in the council chamber. Lagos, at 10 a.m. on monday, the 4th of March.1940
ItemOpen Access
Nigeria magazine no. 92.
(Lagos: The Cultural Division of the Ministry of Information, P.M.B.12524, ., 1967-03) Edited by T. O. A. Adebanjo
Lagos art galleries; Ganuwa—The walls of Kano city; Ife: the home of a new university; Ijo origins and migrations—II;The mystery of the buried bronzes; A miscellany; Literary supplement; Books; African and European dance; The arts in the new Africa; Time; Poets’ corner; Readers’ letters; Contributors;
ItemOpen Access
Nigeria public service reforms.
(Asokoro,Abuja(50 Mamman Nasir Crescent):Bureau of Public Service Reforms., 2007) Bureau of public service reform ( BPSR), Nigeria
Highlights of deliberations during the plenary sessions; Interactive session with the president; Synopses; Syndicate groups’ presentations;
ItemOpen Access
Nigeria handbook 1977.
(Lagos: Federal Ministry of Information., 1977) Federal Ministry of Information.
Geography; History; Government; National economy; Social services; Culture; Sports; Facts and figures; Public information;
ItemOpen Access
Nigeria in the first world war.
(London: Longman Group Limited, 1979) OSUNTOKUN, Akinjide
Nigeria on the eve of the first world war; Nigerian abroad - external aspects of the war ; The war and its aftermath ;