National Repository of Nigeria

The Apex Repository of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with objectives to:

  • Preserve in electronic format the intellectual and cultural resources of Nigeria for posterity.
  • Increase the visibility of the Nigerian knowledge storehouse and its scholarly, literary and cultural heritage; and
  • To increase the availability and accessibility of local Nigerian content to the global community.

Our Categories

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  • Addresses and Speeches
    Speeches/Essays of past and present Presidents, Political office holders of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other well meaning Nigerians
  • Biographies and Autobiographies
    A collection of all autobiography /biographical works of individuals and groups in Nigeria
  • Blue Books / Rare Documents
    Collection containing extensive selection of framed autographs, manuscripts, historical books and materials from pre-colonial times
  • Constitutions, Laws and Acts
    A collection of the constitutions, Laws and Acts of the Federal Government of Nigeria, all Political parties and parastatals
  • External Resources
    Collections/ Links from Repository contents within and about Nigeria
  • Family History
    Historical information of Nigerians based on personal narration
  • Gazettes & Circulars
    A collection of all official government gazettes and circulars by the Federal Government of Nigeria and its federating states.
  • Journal Articles
    A collection of writings on different subjects published in journals and other periodicals
  • Maps
    A collection of Maps of different locations in Nigeria
  • Monographs/Books
    A collection of detailed written study of a single specialised subject or an aspect of it