National Repository of Nigeria

The Apex Repository of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with objectives to:

  • Preserve in electronic format the intellectual and cultural resources of Nigeria for posterity.
  • Increase the visibility of the Nigerian knowledge storehouse and its scholarly, literary and cultural heritage; and
  • To increase the availability and accessibility of local Nigerian content to the global community.

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  • Addresses and Speeches
    Speeches/Essays of past and present Presidents, Political office holders of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other well meaning Nigerians
  • Biographies and Autobiographies
    A collection of all autobiography /biographical works of individuals and groups in Nigeria
  • Blue Books / Rare Documents
    Collection containing extensive selection of framed autographs, manuscripts, historical books and materials from pre-colonial times
  • Constitutions, Laws and Acts
    A collection of the constitutions, Laws and Acts of the Federal Government of Nigeria, all Political parties and parastatals
  • External Resources
    Collections/ Links from Repository contents within and about Nigeria
  • Family History
    Historical information of Nigerians based on personal narration
  • Gazettes & Circulars
    A collection of all official government gazettes and circulars by the Federal Government of Nigeria and its federating states.
  • Journal Articles
    A collection of writings on different subjects published in journals and other periodicals
  • Maps
    A collection of Maps of different locations in Nigeria
  • Monographs/Books
    A collection of detailed written study of a single specialised subject or an aspect of it

Recent Submissions

Open Access
Quarterly Statistical Bulletin Quarter four 2012
(Central Bank of Nigeria, 2012) STATISTICS Department, Central Bank of Nigeria
Statistical analysis and reports; Monetary survey report; Deposit money banks activities report; Reports on activities of other financial institutions; December 2012 inflation report; 2012q3 GDP by income and expenditure report; 2012q4 GDP by production report; Q42012 external sector statistics monitor; Consumer expectations survey report; Business expectations survey report; Inflation attitudes survey report; Monetary & financial tables; Real sector tables; External sector tables.
Open Access
Review of Developments in the First and Second Quarters of 2018
(Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), 2018) RESEARCH, Policy and International Relations Department
Introduction; Domestic economy; Inflation; Exchange rate movement; External reserve movement; Capital market development; Money market development; CBN monetary policy; Circulars and guidelines issued by CBN
Open Access
Application of Ethical Approach to Accounting Thought in Financial Reporting by Nigerian Banks
(Bayero University Kano-Nigeria, 2010) TIJJANI, Bashir; ORMIN, Koholga
Introduction; Conceptual framework; Methodology; Results and discussion; Conclusions and recommendation; References
Open Access
Domesticating the Integrated Sustainable Development Goal Policy Simulation Model for use in Nigeria
(Nigeria SDGs Need Assessment and Costing Exercise, 2018-03-22) FEESE, Bartholomew T.
Open Access
Public Review For Explaining Packet Delays under Virtualization
(ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 2022) TEIXEIRA, Renata; WHITEAKER, Jon; SCHNEIDER, Fabian
Introduction; Virtualization background; Measurement methodology; Results; Related Work; Discussion; Acknowledgements; References