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    The History of political change among the Tiv in the 19th and 20th Centuries
    (Enugu State (16 Fifth Avenue City Layout P.M.B. 01164): Fourth Dimension Publishing Co. Ltd.,, 1994) MAKAR, Tesemchi
    1. Tiv Enter Benue Plains 3; The Beginning of 19th Century 12; Tiv Government at the Beginning of 19th Century 23; Chamba Wars: Tiv Dominates Benue Valley in the 19th Century 31; The Great Dispersal in the Benue Plains 36; The Age of the Drum Chiefs 60; The British Conquest 87; The Era of the British Chiefs 1st Phase, 1915-1930 118; The Era of British Chiefs 2nd Phase 1931-1950 155; The Impact of Christian Missions and Western Education 185; The Era of Politics (1st Phase 1950-1956) 199; The Era of Politics, 2nd Phase 1957-1960 UMBC under Tarka 217; The Atemitiough of 1964 and the Coomassie Report 229.
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    The Action Phase of ethical revolution 1991-2000 AD
    (Surulere, Lagos state(9, Bode Thomas Street ):Mazi Kanu Oji Publishers,, 1985) OJI, Kanu
    The Preliminaries 23; Definitions - On Definitions 25; Ethics 27; Revolution 30; Ethical Revolution 35; Issues and Methodology 36; Discipline 38; The Issues 39; The Political System Constitutional Development 41; Political Parties 53; The Military Factor 64; The Bureaucracy, Economy and Society The Public Service 72; The Economy and Society 80; The Training Function - Education Early Development 98; The First Republic 106; The Military Interregnum 112; The Second Republic -Slogans and Programmes 115; The New Realism 119; Family in Nation Building Family in Nation Building 121; (Appendices A and B) 139; The Challenge 144; The Problem Its Nature and Why It Grew 146; Blame Colonialism 148; Blame Neo-colonialism and Multi-National Corporations 153; Blame Nigerian Constitutions 155; Blame Class Conflict 158; Blame Entire Citizenry 159; Blaine Top Leadership 160; The Buck Stops Here The Buck 164; It Stops Here 167; Appendices C to C62 177; Methodology 292; Tools And Approaches Applicable Tools 294; Implementation Approach 296; Marxist Approach 296; Noah’s Ark Approach 300; Evolution Approach 301; Doomsayer Approach 303; Nationalist Approach 304; Nationalist Approach Analyzed Cardinal Postulates 306; Necessary Steps 309; Main Action Centres 310; Social Engineering Parameters 312; Legal Framework for Action 316; People’s Ethical Revolution 319; The Action Phase 334;
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    History of Nigeria 2:
    (Ikeja, Lagos State ( 52 Oba Akran Avenue P.M.B. 21036): Longman Nigeria Pic,, 1991) FALOLA, Toyin; Abdullahi Mahadi; Martin Uhomoibhi; Ukachukwu Anyanwu
    The Sokoto caliphate 1; Borno under the Shehus 23; Central Nigeria in the nineteenth century 47; Yorubaland in the nineteenth century 69; Bini in the nineteenth century 92; The Niger Delta states in the nineteenth century 107; Igboland in the nineteenth century 128; Nigerian-European relations: explorers and missionaries 150; New commercial developments 162; The British conquest of Nigeria 187.
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    Civil war mass dismissal of Nigeria police officers and men:
    (Nri, Anambra State : P.O. Box 64, Nri, 1986) OKPOKO, Nze Pius
    1- Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu 8; II- Decree No. 46 of 1970.10; III- Fundamental Human Rights, Development Stage by Stage, 17; IV- The growth of the United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 21; V- Enthronement of Human Rights. Articles of Universal Human Rights 23; VI- The Thirty Articles 24; VII- Picture of a Patrol Order Constable 30; VIII- Details of our Dismissal, Disciplinary Enquiry and the Charges, Dismissal letter from Police Service Commission 31; IX- Charges Detailed. .31; X- Fates of the Biafra Army and Biafra.Police after the Civil War comparer 39; XI- Binding-up of war wounds 41;
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    Heroes & heroines of Onitsha:
    (Onitsha, Anambra State (Public Relations Consultants P.O. Box 3774): Chike Akosa Associates,, 1987) AKOSA, Chike
    Eze Chima 1; H.R.H. Anazonwu 1.8; Omu (Queen) Nwagboka 19; Rev. G.N. Anyaegbunam 2; H.R.H. Samuel Okosi I 34; Ven. Arch. H.O. IMweje 44; Hon. I.O. Mba 51; Bishop A.C. Onyeabo OBE 56; Odoziaku J.M. Stuart Young 63; Onwuije Hayford Bosah 69; Akukalia Omedike U. Ibekwe 75; H.R.H. James Okosi II 80; Hon. P.H. Okolo MBE 90; Arch. V.N. Umunna 95; Bishop John Cross Anyogu 103!; Chief P.O. Anatogu 107; Chief I.A. Mbanefo MBE 112; Kpajie J.M. Onyechi MBE 121; Monsignor William E. Obelagu 124; Chief M.O. Ibeziako 128; Chief Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe GCFR PC 137; Chief J.U. Etukokwu MFR 142; Mr. John A. Okechukwu 148; Sir Louis Mbanefo Kt 151; Chief C. Ediboss Okolonji 159; H.R.H. J.O. Onyejekwe I 164; Dr. L.O. Uwechia & Dr. J.O. Onyeachonam OBE MBE 172; Nnanyelugo S.l. Bosah 175; Hon. Ernest N. Egbuna 180; Ven, Arch. C.O. iwuno 183; Barrister L.O.V. Anionwu & Dr. S.O. Egwuatu 188; Rev. Mothers Clara Oranu & Bernadette Anyogu 191; Ven. Arch. E.N. Obianwu 198; Mr. David Ogbogu 202; Mr. David Osaka 206; Mr. J.O. Onyejekwe 210; Mr. Herbert Oranye 221; Matron Grace Ifeka 226; Hon. F.C.O. Emodi 235; Mrs. Justina Anazonwu-Bello 238; Prof. Ben Enweonwu 243; prof. Chike Obi 245; Madam Obiamaka 252; Onwanaetilora Dan. Ibekwe 257; Akunne F.O. Umunna 261; Hon. Justice F.O. Anyaegbunam CFR COON 263; Akukalia C.O. Ikeme 266; Mr. J.O. Ibeziako 269; Nnabuenyi P.O. Balonwu SAN 275; H.R H. Ofala Okagbue I CFR 278; Dr. Vero O. Ofili nee Egbuna) 287; Chief Prof. A.N.A. Modebe 291; Mrs. F. Chio Emodi 304; Ojinnaka Sam Ifeka 309; Herbert Unegbu 319; Ifedioramma Isaac Ekwerekwu 327; Major Emma Ifeajuna 332; Chief Ukpabi Asika 335; Innocent Egbunike 342;
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    Cultural rejuvenation for national integration and sustainable development
    (Surulere, Lagos State (43 Onitana Street, Off Stadium Hotel Road): Malthouse Press Limited,, 2010) edited by Tunde Babawale
    Arts and Culture as Tools of National Integration. - A.A. Muhammad-Ouma; Youth Mobilization Strategies for Political Participation- Ekanem M. Ekonem & Dukana B. Ikpe; Traditional socio-cultural systems as models for stability and security in African societies - Adeyinka Aderinto and Akeem Ayofe Akinwale; Maximizing the Economic Potential of the Calabar Cultural Carnival. - Dr. Eze Bassey Eze; Integrating African Arts and Culture into the school Curriculum: models, challenges and prospects. -J. B. Bilesanmi-Awoderu; Envisioning values-based leadership: an exposition ofthe concept ofMutumin Kirki.- Daiyabu MuhammadHassan ; The State, Values and Development towards re-orientating Nigerian Youth for leadership. - E. RemiAiyede; Strengthening Democracy in Nigeria: Lessons from Traditional Political Systems. - Wale Are Olaitan; Rejuvenating community spirit for accelerated socio-economic development. - Ayo Olukotun; Culture as an instrument for sustainable development and National Integration -- Prof. Steve A. Nkom
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    An INTRODUCTION to the study of adult education :
    (Ibadan(Oxford House, Iddo Gate, P.M.B. 5095): University Press Limited,, 1981) Edited by Lalage Bown; J.T. Okedara
    Points of departure; Aspects of the study of adult education; Adult education in relation to selected academic disciplines; Partners To Adult Education 215; Part Five: Synthesis 255;
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    Fundamentals of quality
    (Quality Improvement Institute Of Nigeria,, 2023) HATI, Stephen S.; Anastasia Aladi Eze
    Quality is everything; What is quality; ISO definition of quality; Dimensions for measuring quality; Quality and society; Quality management; Future trends in quality.
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    (Ibadan, Oyo State( N6A1390A Polytechnic/Sango Road Ibadan.P.O. Box 22015 University of Ibadan Post Office) Rex Charles Publication,, 1994) edited by G. O. Ogunremi; M. O. Opeloye; Siyan Oyeweso
    Historical Studies; Theological Studies; Sociological Studies; Biographical Studies
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    (Benin City, Bendel State (52, Ewah Road, P. 0. Box 3441): Idodo Umeh Publishers Limited,, 1988) JOMAH, B. I. C.
    Nigeria's Political System: Past, Present and The Future; The Ideological Basis of Afrocracy; Afrocracy (Politics Without Political Parties): Basic for National Stability; The role Of the Military in Nigeria: Proposal for the Third Republic; Traditional Rulers, Modernization and the New Local Government Administration; Mending A Socioporous Nation before The Third Republic; Strategy for winning Elections in a Partyless Democracy.
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    Rebirth of a nation:
    (Enugu, Enugu State (Plot 64A City Layout. P.M.B.01164, New Haven): Fourth Dimension Publishing Co. Ltd.,, 1991) MBADIWE, Kingsley Ozuomba; Edited by Luke Ibekwe Agusiegbe
    Part I The Preparations 3; Part II The Crusade For Independence 49; The First Republic 141; The Nigerian Civil War 199; The Second Republic 219; Vision for the Third Republic 263.
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    Military leadership in Nigeria 1966-1979
    (Ibadan (Three Crowns Building, Jericho, P.M.B. 5095, Ibadan): University Press Limited,, 1985) OLULEYE, James J
    1. Leadership and methods of assumption 1; The making of a leader and some oddities 7; Preamble to Military Leadership Tussle 19; Military at the helms 29; Gowon in the saddle of crises 38; Saving the Nigerian Army from disintegration 45; The Nigerian Civil War 51; The main Civil War actors 69; Bonny Crisis: An aid to new concept 80; Chronology of the Civil War 90; The lessons of the war 146; Rulers in abnormality of leadership 152; The economic crisis 208; A few embarrassments 216; The legacies of the Military Regime 226
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    Constitutionalism and development in Nigeria:
    (Lagos (8, Amore Street Off Toyin Street, Ikeja P.O. Box 8917): Malthouse Press Limited,, 1990) OLOWU DELE
    1. State-Level Governments and the Development Process: Comparative and Nigerian Perspectives 1; 2. Government and Administration of Lagos State Area up to 1983; 3. State Policies on Basic Social Services; 4. Mobilization of Financial and Human Resources; 5. Public Participation in Social Policy and Administration.
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    The crisis and the people
    (Patrice Lumumba Institute of Political Sciene and Trade Unionism, 1962) NIGERIAN Youth Congress
    Introduction; The basis of Nigerian politics; The essence of the crisis; Result of the crisis; Lessons from the crisis; Constitution; The way forward; A united front now.
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    NIGERIA: The way forward
    (Spectrum Books Limited, (Sunshine House 1, Emmanuel Alayande Street Oluyole Industrial Estate PMB 5612) Ibadan, Oyo State, 1993) ONOGE, F. Omafume
    Opening addresses; Politics and society; Economy and society; Discussions; Policy recommendations.
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    Nigerian Society and Governance
    (Chief J. W. Ellah, Sons & Co. Ltd. ( 13 Forces Avenue, PO Box 346)Port Harcourt, 1987) ELLAH, J Francis
    Discipline; Economic Development; The Nigerian Society and Nigerian; Government policies; Summary, conclusions and recommendations
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    Political Transition in Nigeria 1993-2003: Commentaries on selected themes
    (Malthouse Press Limited, Surulcre, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State (43 Onitana Street, Off Stadium Hotel Road):, 2007) SAMUEL, Kayode
    General; The presidency; The military; The arewa challenge; The Igbo question; The yoruba agenda; Social; The Niger Delta; Global scene.
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    Oral Traditions in Black and African Culture
    (Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC), 2009) AJAYI, Adegboyega; FABAREBO, Idowu Samuel
    African worldview; African oral tradition; African languages and foreign languages; African traditional education; African folktales and folklore; African values; African history; African proverbs.
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    The Dangers of Political Thuggery and Rumour: An analysis of prominent political vices
    (Lagos:, 1992) EDET, Charles
    Who is a thug and what is political thuggery; The socio-political and economic effect of thuggery; Child abuse, harbinger of youth abuse Poem page; The role of traditional rulers; Contribution of road transport union and touts; The role of the mass media houses; Rumours; Protest as an act of thuggery; Hands on deck, to save our youths (Solution); Nigerian of first republic -2nd republic x-ray, 3rd republic in retrospect; Encounters and experiences of 1983 election; Military role from 60s to the present day; Factors that lead the citizens into thuggery, the Nigerian people particularly; Prevention of rumours and thuggery in Nigeria political system 69; The bitter truth.
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    Do not die in their war: A treatise on Nigeria's contemporary political trajectories
    (Lekki Phase 1, Lagos state: Dele Farotimi Publishers, 2019) FAROTIMI, Dele
    Truth & polity; Living a lie; An insincere system; The burdened system; A skewed nationhood; Rule of violence; Injustice + Inequality = Conflicts + Insurgencies; Crooked system = bad leadership; The constitution as a burden; The Nigerian state and the rule of law; The burden of being; Collapse of public institutions; The normalization of madness; The untouchable thieves; A criminal justice system; Dubious provenance, questionable quality; Awkward fight against corruption; A compromised middle class; Self-immolation; The subjectivisation of truth; The weaponisation of poverty and ignorance; Dialogues of ventriloquists; The thinking thieves; Yeye rolling… Thinking thieves vs unthinking thieves; Mythicising 'The North'; The Buhari Metaphor; A Virus Unleashed; I love Buhari; Buhari is not to Blame? Really?; Letter to the Buharideens; Citizenship & the Polity Fore-note Citizenship in Nigeria; Sundry Other Items; Truth & Polity II; Corruption of the News; Idiocy of the middle class; Truth as the silver bullet; The stubborn and unpalatable truth; Power corrupts; Up to the oppressed to throw off the oppressor; The power of memorials; June 12 and the aborted nationhood; The arrogance of foolish knowledge; Sundry other Items; Characters & metaphors; Principalities and powers; A lost people; The righteous few; The super eagles and Nigerian unity; Obasanjo, the tortoise, and His In-Laws ; The genius, the liar, and the teleprompter; IITA… Reminder to a wasteland; 'Aremu the lion cub; The thieves and the maddening broom; The rape of lekki: A personal reflection; It's just a penny?; Heroes and the wasted; Sundry other items; Purgation & resolve Nigeria, the way forward; Epilogue; Do not die in their wars; The lazy youth.