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    Theory of culture
    (New York, United States of America: NOK Publishers International Ltd, 1978) Tschumi, Raymond
    Their Relationship; Language and Thought: Their Interdependence; Their Limits: The Inexpressible and the Inconceivable; Their Opposition: Being and Not-Being; Their Mutual Reference: Reality, Identity; Their Interplay; The Stakes in the Game: The Sign; Form; Content; Communication: Its Hermetic Nature; Consequence: Solitude; Transcending Their Levels; How Solitude is Transcended by Science; How Solitude is Transcended by Literature; Historical Consequences of this Dual Transcendence; Scientific Research and Language; Literary Creation and Language; Subjectivity and Language; Transcendence and Language; The Self in the Novel; The Lyrical Self and Cosmic Consciousness; Language as a Source of Life and Thought; Language, Time and Freedom; Diachronic Cultural Movements; Language; Time; Freedom; Science and Imagination; Discovery; Meaning; Structures and Outlines of Culture; Conditions for a Methodical Theory of Culture; The Starting Point; Defining the Method; New Dimensions and Their Adequate Figuration; The Problem of Totality; The Objective Validity of the Theory; Metalanguages; Background; Thresholds and Limits; Cultural Communication and Transmission; Sex and Freedom; Artistic and Literary Expression; Correspondence and Compensation; Internal Movements in Literature; Internal Movements in Lyrical Poetry; Internal Movements in the Novel; The Means of Expression in Drama, Films, Cartoons etc; Art and Literature in Perspective; Critical Distance; Comparative Perspective; The Fluctuations of Criticism; Scientific Culture; The Meaning of Reason; Scientific Growth; Scientific Evolution; Derived Forms of Culture; The Theory of Derivation; Religion and Mysticism; Ontology; History; Linguistics; Psychology; Medicine; Pedagogy; Jurisprudence; Social Science;s Recapitulation; Preliminary Remarks; Problems of Method; A Matter of Perspective: Self-Experience; A Matter of Perspective: The Transfer of Identity and External Reality; Disruptions of Cultural Unity; Extralinguistic Aspects of Culture; The Cumulative Conception and the Hierarchy of Values; Personal Judgement and Criteria of Value; Limits to Culture; The Substitution of Experience for Language; Plan of Part Four; Definition of Experience; Substitution; Internal Opening; Limitation of the Experience Content; The Foundation of Experience; Self-Experience and Experience of Otherness; The Involvement of Experience; Cultural Freedom and Responsibility; Cultural Constants; Placing the Constants in a Cultural Situation; Identities as the Content of Experience; Preliminary Remarks; The Dogma of Binary Relations; Theory of Culture, Anthropology and Sociology; Cultural Identification; The Cultural Experience of Reality; The Notion of Cultural Reality; Notions of Reality, Their Testing and Their Reference Value; The External Context of Self-Experience; Reality as the External Context; Convergence of the Two Types of Experience.
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    Marwa exemplary leadership in public servantship:
    (Ikeja, Lagos State: Sisande Chambers, 4th Floor, (Rear Block) Oshopey Plaza, 17/19, Allen Avenue, Ikeja. P.O. Box 74659, Victoria Island, Maclords Communications Limited,, 1998) OBANLA, Olusegun B.A
    A general overview of his life; Marwa in ordinary life at home; social life, relationships & outlook; Marwa the soldier and the scholar; a man of vision with a mission; Golden Legacies: evidences of his success; the secrets of his success; strategic initiatives and management of state resources; exemplary leadership and people-centredness; the Marwa factor in social and political engineering; excellence in crisis management; Portraits of an achiever: Marwa In the eyes and minds of the people.
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    Memoirs of a Nigerian minister of education professor Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa.
    (Yaba, Lagos State: Ilupeju Industrial Estate, P.O. Box 264, Yaba, Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Limited,, 1998) FAFUNWA, Aliu Babatunde
    Thoughts on leaving academia; University councils and vice-chancellorship saga; Mother tongue; Think-tank; unexpected call to duty; Inside the federal ministry of education; Establishment of six FME parastatals; ASUU, NASU, NUT and Others; The longe commission and the change of school year; The proposed nine-year compulsory education that failed and mathematics; Incentive rehabilitation of 450 old secondary schools; Mass illiteracy: Shame of a nation; Some unpleasant tasks; World bank loans; Some Nigerian contributions to UNESCO; TOKTEN: BRAINGAIN.
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    Focus on 14 years reign of progress and prosperity of his majesty the Alake of Egbaland Oba Mofolorunso Oyebade Lipede 1, I972-1986.
    (Ogun State: Printing Corporation Abeokuta,, 1972) SORUNKE, Emmanuel Babajide
    Programme of coronation and installation; Reception programme; Representatives of religious bodies; Council’s representatives: Important events.
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    SEVEN years of IBB vol. 4:
    (Lagos State: The Daily Times of Nigeria PLC., 1993) Edited by G. G. Darah; Abe Adefuye
    Cultural heritage and national self-reliance; Nigeria's religious and cultural destiny; National communication policy: the Babangida era; Literary and performing arts; Visual arts and film; IBB and the media; Book publishing under IBB.
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    Mr Prime minister:
    (Apapa, Lagos State: Nigerian National Press Ltd.,, 1964) NIGERIAN national press limted.
    The last stage: Unity in diversity; First prime minister; Counting the cost; Retrospect ; Ministerial government; Appreciation; preparing for independence: Three requisites; Freedom talks; The task ahead; The target; The challenge; Progress and prospect; Independence day; International affairs: Nigeria's stand; the U.S. congress; American experience; European economic community; Cocoa; Trade; World commerce; The rule of law; Fundamental human rights; Commonwealth parliamentarians; Bomb test in Sahara; Nigeria's protest; The new commonwealth; The haves and have-nots; African unity: Monrovia; Lagos; Addis Ababa; The O.A.U.; E.C.A.; Internal security: Defence; Special Constables; Public order; Assassination; Passport; Subversive literature; Unfounded rumours; Military training college; Defence academy.
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    Determination unshakable:
    (Abuja: 16 Thames Street. New Extension 7 Maitama, Clear Coast Communications Ltd,, 2013) JONATHAN, Goodluck Ebele
    Presidential addresses; Extempore speeches.
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    President Babangida’s reform programmes 1985 – 1992 vol.1
    (Lagos State: 60 Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road Off Isolo Expressway,, 1991-08-31) CENI Nigeria limited and Plateau state ministry of information and culture Jos.
    Profile of military governors; Map of Plateau state; The state and its people; Agriculture; Education; Health; Information and culture; Commerce and industry; Employment and productivity; Social and women affairs; Transport and tourism; Rural development; Finance and funding development; Culture and sports; Special features; Achievements and legacy.
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    Eminent Nigerians of the twentieth century.
    (Ikoyi, LagosState: (Hugo Division) 11, Ayanbadejo Street Ikosi-Ketu P.O. Box 51743 Falomo Post Office, Kosayaz Nigeria Limited,, 2000) UGOWE, O. O.
    Abdallah, Malam Habib Raji; AbiolaI, Bashorun Moshood Kasimawo Olawale; Abubakar III, Sir Saddiq: Sultan of Sokoto; Adelabu, Alhaji Adegoke; AdemolaD, Sir Adetokunbo; Aderemi I, Sir Adesoji: Oni ofIfe; Ajasin, Chief Michael Adekunle; Akenzua II, Omon'Oba N'Edo, Uku Akpolopolo, Oba of Benin; Akintola Chief Samuel Ladoke; Anikulapo-Kuti, Olufela Awolowo, Chief Obafemi ; Azikiwe, Dr. Nnamdi; Balewa, Sir Abubakar Tafawa; Bassey, Hogan Kid; Bello, Sir Ahmadu; Crowther, Bishop Samuel Ajayi; Dike, Kenneth Onwuka; EliasI, Dr. Taslim Olawale; Emokpae, Erhabor Ogieva; Enweonwu, Ben; Ibrahim, Sir Kashim; Ibrahim, Alhaji Waziri; Idiagbon, Tunde (Major General); Ikoku, Dr. Alvan; Ikoli, Ernest Sesei; Imam, Alhaji Ibrahim; Ita, Eyo (Professor); Kano, Alhaji Aminu; Macaulay, Herbert Samuel Heelas Mbadiwe, Dr. Kingsley Ozumba; Muhammed, Gen. Murtala Rarnat; Ojike, Mazi Mbonu; Okotie-Eboh, Chief Festus; Ordia, Chief Abraham Osadebay, Chief Dennis ChuJkudebe; Ransome-Kuti, Chief (Mrs) Olufunmilayo; Saro-Wiwa, Mr. Kenule Beeson; Solarin, Tai (Dr); Tarka, Mr. Joseph Sarwuan; Tiger, Mr. Dick; Udoma, Sir Egbert Udo; Zungur, Malam Saadu.
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    POLICING Nigeria in the 21st century.
    (Ibadan, Oyo State: Spectrum House Ring Road PMB 5612 Spectrum Books Limited,, 2007-04) Edited by Solomon E. Arase; Iheanyi P. O. Iwuofor
    Background to a new order; Organisation and reorganisation; Investigations/prosecution; The police and Its public; Welfare and productivity issues; Contemporary challenges for law enforcement; Salient aspects of the policing function.
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    Oil wars in the Niger Delta 1849-2009.
    (Ibadan, Oyo State: Gaaf Building, 110-112 Oyo Road, Orogun, Off University of Ibadan, Second Gate, Stirling-Horden Publishers Limited,, 2011-12-31) TAMUNO, Tekena N.
    Origins and main features of the transition from an oil Rivers protectorate to Nigeria’s new protectorate of oil; Restiveness in the Niger Delta: A case-study in micro- nationalism; Oil over troubled waters in the Niger Delta: Roles of King Koko & Co. (part one); Oil over troubled waters in the Niger Delta: Roles of King Koko & Co. (Part Two); Resource control, derivation and re-structuring: Primary evidence on the roles and interests of combatants in Nigeria’s oil wars: 1999-2003 (part one) resource control, derivation and re-structuring: Primary evidence on the roles and interests of combatants in Nigeria’s oil wars: 1999-2003 (part two);Resource control, derivation and re-structuring: A humanitarian exegesis of Nigeria’s oil wars in the Niger Delta (part one); Resource control, derivation and re-structuring: A humanitarian exegesis of Nigeria’s oil wars in the Niger Delta (part two); Nigeria’s long trek to amnesty: 1999-2009 (part one); Nigeria’s long trek to amnesty: 1999-2009 (part two); Nigeria’s long trek to amnesty: 1999-2009 (part three); Nigeria’s long trek to amnesty: 1999-2009 (part four); What prospects of lasting peace exist in the Niger Delta and Nigeria?
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    Of Emirs and pagans:
    (London: 35 Red Lion Square London WC1, Cassell And Company Limited,, 1963) GERVIS, Pearce
    Kaduna; Zaria; Sokoto; Kano; Katsina; Bornu; The Plateau; Bauchi and Gombe; Yola and Sardauna Province; Kontagora and Bida; Ilorin; Kabba and Lokoja; Makurdi; Lafia: Keffi: Abuja; Kaduna.
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    Politics and society in South Eastern Nigeria 1841-1906:
    (England: 67 Great Russell Street, London WCIB 3BT, Frank Cass and Company Limited,, 1972) NAIR, Kannan K.
    Structural organization of Calabar society; Social change, 1841-56; Internal politics & external factors, 1841-58; Economic stress: the 1860s; Lineage rivalries: the 1870s & 1880s; The new structure of power, 1885-1906; The new economic forces, 1885-1906; The primacy of internal factors.
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    Festac colloquium and blackworld development:
    (Lagos State: Nigeria Magazine Federal Ministry of Information,, 1978) AMODA, Moyibi
    The general report; Analysis of the general report; Analysis of working group reports.
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    SOURCES of Yoruba history.
    (London: Oxford University Press, Ely House, London W.i, 1973) edited by S. O. Biobaku
    Contemporary Written Sources; Traditional History; The Literature of the Ifa cult; Oriki; Proverbs, Songs, and Poems; Ceremonies; Archaeology; Art in Metal; Art in Wood; The Yoruba Language in Yoruba History; Political and Social Structure; Yoruba Warfare and Weapons.
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    SOME Nigerian peoples
    (Ibadan, Oyo State: REX Charles Publication,, 1993) Edited by Bassey W. Andah; A. Ikechukwu Okpoko; C.A. Folorunso
    The Ijo of the Niger Delta; The Efiks and peoples of the Cross River Basin; The early history of the Ibibio people; The Igbo people; Contacts between peoples of the Anambra valley and the Niger — Benue confluence region: An Archaeological perspective; Contacts and interrelations among the peoples of the Benue valley; The Idoma — Alago — Yala people of Nigeria: An historical introduction; The Igala in the pre-colonial Era; Peoples and history in the Benue —Chad corridor; A Profile of Urhobo; Edo traditions of origin; The Yoruba; The peoples of Lokoja.
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    Western Africa Ethnographic survey of Africa part x:
    (London: International African Institute, 1955) Edited by Daryll Forde
    The Nupe; The Igbira; The Igala; The Idoma-speaking peoples.
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    SEVEN years of IBB vol. 5:
    (Lagos State: The Daily Times of Nigeria PLC.,, 1993) Edited by Joseph Uyanga; Ade Adefuye
    Rural development planning: The DFFRRI approach; The better life programme for rural women; People's bank of Nigeria
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    The Abiriba civilization early days to the 20th C. AD
    (Aba, Abia State: 31 Garden Avenue P.O. Box 3909, Heritage House Publications, 2007) IJEKPA, Kalu Ijekpa
    "Geo Political Location; Ethnographic Background; Movements and Settlement in Abiriba; Dispersal and Settlement of 2000 Bc; Movement And Settlement of 1300 - 1400 AD; Leaders of the Movement; Aro And Abiriba Migration; The Ibeku Movement; The Biase Movemen; Other Movements; Settlement Pattern; Abriba and her Neigbours; Common Characteristics; Conflict And Peace; Nkporo; Edda; Ohafia; Abam; Igbere, Umuhu and Item; Arochukwu; The Ezeship in Abiriba; The Enachioken; The Powers of the Eze; Some Abiriba Eze in history; Eze konta ogba Enwe; Eze Ukpabi Okoroafor; Eze Uduka Otaka 1903; Eze Nnam Nnaju 1905-1921; Okoroafor Nwaeze 1922-1940; Eze Ikpe Mba 1 1941-1973; Eze Ukiwo Ukoha Ukiwo 1975 - 1999; The age grade system; Origins of the System The Philosophy of Age Grouping; Membership and Equality; The structure of the system; Sixteen or fourteen age groups; The Uke Ekpe and Uke Ogba-ngwuru; The Training groups; Ten Operative Age Grades; The Izara Efa Age Grade; Uke Igwa Mang; Uke ji agbala or The Wall Of The System; functions of the age grade; military functions; Establishment of law and order; Social services; modern functions; modern functions and the leadership; crisis in the age grade 1980- 1999; The Cause; Development of the Crisis; The shameful affray of 1988 and after; The woman's March and Peace Settlement, November 1992; New threats to peace, 1996; New Peace moves, 1997 - 1998; Amamba woman's protest; Other peace Initiatives; The Erinma Hall peace Meeting of February And Marchl998; Abia State Government Stand; Reconciliation Initiatives by Churches in Abiriba 1999 and Peace Agreement; the Abiriba communal improvement union (A.C.I.U.); The founding of A. C. I. U; The Aims And objectives of the Union; The A. C. I. U in Abiriba history 1941 - 1996; The First Century Gospel Church (F. C. G. C); The salvation Army; The Unity Church; The National Church of Nigeria or the Godian Religion; The white Garment Churches or Spiritual Churches; The Pentecostal Churches; The Roman Catholic Mission; The Mennonite; Abiriba and the Churches."
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    A geography of the Eastern provinces of Nigeria.
    (The Syndics of The Cambridge University Press,, 1966) JENNINGS, J. H.; S. O. Oduah
    An Ibo town; Family and farm ;More about farming ;The climate of Ogidi and Onitsha ;A visit to Agulu ;City of Trade ; Onitsha’s River ; Into Oil Palm Country ;Palm Products for export ;The Delta of the Niger ;Fishermen of the Delta ; Mineral oil and the Revival of Bonny ;A Visit to a Seaport; Port Harcourt, the Town and its Industries ;Aba, Inland Route Centre ; Journey to Calabar ; Ikom, Obudu and Ogoja ;Between Abakaliki and Enugu ;City of Government ;Coal Mining and Geology around Enugu ;21. Completing the Circle; Summing Up.