West Africa:

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Geology, Coasts and Shores, Relief and Drainage, Climate, Vegetation, Soils, their processes and their protection, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Minerals and Power, Transport, Population Distribution and Movements, General Introduction to the political divisions, especially the republics of the French Community, Senegal—the ancient base, The Gambia —a riverine enclave, Mauritania the link with North Africa, Mali—land of livestock and irrigation works, The Upper Volta—land of the Mossi, The Niger—a finger into the desert, The Portuguese Province of Guinea—land of estuaries and rivers, Guinea—the highland watershed, Sierra Leone—Britain’s contribution to the settlement of freed slaves, Liberia—* The Love of Liberty Brought us Here’, The Ivory Coast—the economic heart of the Benin-Sahel Entente, Ghana, land of cocoa and minerals, Togo land, Dahomey—the last slave exporter, The Federation of Nigeria—an epitome of West Africa. With a note on the Cameroons under United Kingdom Trusteeship, Spanish Guinea—Spain’s last tropical territory, The Portuguese Province of Sao Tome and Principe—Portugal’s plantation isles.

West Africa has been in contact with the outside world longer than any other part of Africa south of the Sahara. No other area of Africa has undergone such profound political, economic and social changes as have taken place recently in West Africa. The world and West Africa are making a great impact upon each other.