Compendium of subject matters Acts, subsidiary legislations, regulations and orders relating to and connected with the Jurisdiction of the national industrial court of Nigeria.

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National Industrial Court of Nigeria NICN,

Labour Act, Cap L1 LFN 2004 3-121; Labour Act Subsidiary Regulations 122; Labour Regulations 123-153; Dock Labour (Registration and Control of Employment) Rules 154-173; Dock Labour (Registration and Control of Employment) Rules (Application) Declaration 174-175; Trade Unions Act CAP T14 LFN 2004 177-272; Trade Unions Act (List of Subsidiary Legislation) 273; Trade Unions (Compulsory Recognition) Order 274, Trade Unions (Prohibition) (Federal Fire Service) Order 275; Trade Unions (Amendment) (No 2) Decree No 26 1996 276-281; 11 Trade Unions (Compulsory Recognition) (No 2) Order 1976 282; 12 Trade Unions (International Affiliation) Act 283-294; Employee Compensation Act, 2010 296-389; Factories Act 391-512; Factories Act (List of Subsidiary Legislation) 513; Prescribed Forms and Particular Order 514; Declaration of Industrial Diseases Notice 515; Dock (Safety of Labour) Regulations 517-541; First-Aid Boxes (Prescribed Standard) Order 542-545; Docks (Sanitary Accommodation) Regulations 546-548; Factories (Woodworking Machineries) Regulations 549-554; Factories (Notification of Dangerous Occurrences) Regulations 555-556; Factories (Exemption) Order 1967 557; Factories (Registration, ETC, Fees) Registration 1991 558-560; Pension Reform Act, 2004 562-636.

An Act to repeal and replace the Labour Code Act and consolidate the law relating to labor. No.21 of 1974 1st August 1971 Commencement