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    Debates in the legislative council of Nigeria.
    (The Legislative Council of Nigeria., 1940-03-04) The legislative council of Nigeria.
    Pursuant to notice the honourable members of the legislative council met in the council chamber. Lagos, at 10 a.m. on monday, the 4th of March.1940
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    Acts of Nigeria 1964.
    (Lagos: By Authority of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Ministry' of Information, Printing Division,, 1964) The FEDERAL government of Nigeria
    Preliminary; Operation of enactments; Construction of statutory powers and duties; Interpretation of enactments; Miscellaneous; Supplementary;
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    Nigerian legislative council debates:
    (Lagos: The Government Printer, 1933-03) NIGERIA legislatives
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    Customary courts manual:
    (Ikeja, Lagos State: Customary Court Of Western Nigeria, 1970) CUSTOMARY court Of Western Nigeria
    Notes for Guidance;The Customary Courts Law;The Customary Courts Rules; Extracts from Laws Enforceable by Customary Courts; Specimen Charges; Specimen Record; List of Customary Courts ;
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    Northern Nigeria proclamation no. 1 - 9 1910:
    (Northern Nigeria: The Government Printer T. B. Macauley,, 1910) BELL, Hesketh
    The Wild Animal proclamation 1910; The Distillation of spirits proclamation 1910; Custom Tariff (Amendment) proclamation 1910; The White phosphorous matches prohibition proclamation 1910; The Police proclamation 1910; The Public officers guarantee fund proclamation 1910; The Minerals proclamation 1910.
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    Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( Second alteration) act 2010
    (Federal Governement of Nigeria,, 2011) FEDERAL Government of Nigeria
    Alteration of the 1999 Constitution and the Constitution (First alteration) Act No.5, 2010; Alteration of section 5 of the First Alteration Act; Alteration of section 10 of the First Alteration Act; Alteration of section 11 of the First Alteration Act; Alteration of section 17 of the First Alteration Act; Substitution for section 233 of the Constitution and section 21 or the First Alteration Act; Substitution for section 25 of the First Alteration Act and section 239 of the Constitution; Substitution for section 246 of the Constitution and section 26 of the First Alteration Act; Substitution for section 285 of the Constitution and section 29 of the First Alteration Act; Substitution for the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution and Sixth Schedule to the First Alteration Act; Citation.
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    Freedom of Information Act 2011
    (Federal Ministry of Information, 2011-05-28) Federal Ministry of Information
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    Compendium of subject matters Acts, subsidiary legislations, regulations and orders relating to and connected with the Jurisdiction of the national industrial court of Nigeria.
    (National Industrial Court of Nigeria NICN,, 1974) NATIONAL industrial court of Nigeria NICN
    Labour Act, Cap L1 LFN 2004 3-121; Labour Act Subsidiary Regulations 122; Labour Regulations 123-153; Dock Labour (Registration and Control of Employment) Rules 154-173; Dock Labour (Registration and Control of Employment) Rules (Application) Declaration 174-175; Trade Unions Act CAP T14 LFN 2004 177-272; Trade Unions Act (List of Subsidiary Legislation) 273; Trade Unions (Compulsory Recognition) Order 274, Trade Unions (Prohibition) (Federal Fire Service) Order 275; Trade Unions (Amendment) (No 2) Decree No 26 1996 276-281; 11 Trade Unions (Compulsory Recognition) (No 2) Order 1976 282; 12 Trade Unions (International Affiliation) Act 283-294; Employee Compensation Act, 2010 296-389; Factories Act 391-512; Factories Act (List of Subsidiary Legislation) 513; Prescribed Forms and Particular Order 514; Declaration of Industrial Diseases Notice 515; Dock (Safety of Labour) Regulations 517-541; First-Aid Boxes (Prescribed Standard) Order 542-545; Docks (Sanitary Accommodation) Regulations 546-548; Factories (Woodworking Machineries) Regulations 549-554; Factories (Notification of Dangerous Occurrences) Regulations 555-556; Factories (Exemption) Order 1967 557; Factories (Registration, ETC, Fees) Registration 1991 558-560; Pension Reform Act, 2004 562-636.
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    Teachers registration council of Nigeria
    (Federal Ministry of Education,, 2010) FEDERAL ministry of education
    Background of the Professional Standards; The Regulation of the Teaching Profession in Nigeria; The Statutory and Policy Framework for the Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers; The Scope of the Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers; Categorization of Nigerian Teachers; Measurement of Teacher Performance in Relation to the Standards; Arbitration Procedures for Addressing Breach of the Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers; Professional Knowledge; Professional Skills; Professional Values, Attitude and Conduct; Professional Membership Obligations; Guidelines on Induction at Point of Graduation; Guidelines on Continuous Professional Development.
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    Law reports of eastern Nigeria 1966 - 67:
    (Enugu: The Committee for Law Reporting East-Central State of Nigeria, 1972, 1972) High Court of former Eastern Nigeria.
    Law reports of eastern Nigeria volume X containing selected judgments decided from 1st January I966-26TH MAY, 1967 by the High Court of former Eastern Nigeria.
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    Legislation of the western region of Nigeria 1957.
    (Ibadan: The Government Printer, Western Region, Nigeria, 1957, 1957) The Western region of Nigeria
    Alphabetical Table of Laws; Chronological Table of Laws; Notices of Confirmation of Laws; Table showing the effect of the year’s legislation; Index to Subsidiary Legislation; Laws; Subsidiary legislations.
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    Legislative Council Debates:
    (Lagos: The Government Printer,, 1933) LEGISLATIVE Council of Nigeria
    Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria on Monday 6th March, 1933., Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria on Wednesday 8th March, 1933., Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria on Thursday 9th March, 1933., Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria on Monday 10th July, 1933, Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria on Monday 30th October, 1933., Debates in the Legislative Council of Nigeria on Tuesday 31st October, 1933,
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    REPORT of cases decided in the federal supreme court (on appeal from the High Court of the western region) and the high court of the western region 1958
    (Ibadan: The Government Printer Western Region,, 1958) Edited by The Committee for Law Reporting, Western Region, Nigeria.
    Included are Index to cases reported
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    The CUSTOMARY law manual:
    (Enugu: The Government Printer,, 1977) Prepared by S. N. C. Obi
    Nature and interest of Land, Control of Land, Allocation of Land, Pledge ,gift and exchange of Land, Sale of Land, Traditional farming tenancies, Traditional residential tenancies, Commercial tenancies, Misecellaneous, Lands and houses, Economic plants and trees, Farm produce, Farm implements, etc, Livestock, Money, Furniture and wearing apparel, Insignia of office, Ofo and family headship, Titles, Special shares and responsibilities, Administration and distribution of estate, Disposition by Will, Maintenance of Widows and daughters, Widow inheritance, Woman's land and houses, Property (other than land) acquired before marriage, Property (other than land and houses) acquired during marriage, Widow's estate (other than land and houses), Testamentary disposition by women, Marriage, Termination of marriage, Acquisition of property, Transfer of property, Civil wrongs.
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    Handbook of the supreme court of Nigeria.
    (Lagos: Federal ministry of information Printing Division, 1972, 1972) Federal ministry of information Lagos
    Supreme Court Act 1960 pg.1; Supreme Court Rules 1961-1972 pg.17; Constitution of the Federation 1963, ss. 111-128 pg.101; Constitution (Suspension and Modification) Decree 1966, ss. 1-17 pg.111; Western and Mid-Western States Magistrates’ Courts Law, ss. 2, 69 and 73 pg.12; Western and Mid-Western States Customary Courts Law, s. 4 pg.123; Constitution (Miscellaneous Provisions) (No. 2) Decree 1967, s. 3 pg.125; Western State Court of Appeal Edict 1967 pg.127; Eastern States High Court Law, ss. 35 and 38 pg.129; High Court of Lagos Law pg.131; High Court Law of the Northern States, Cap. 49 pg.139
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    Colony of southern Nigeria.
    (Lagos: Government Printer, 1908, 1908-01-30) EGERTON, Walter
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    (C. J. Pleass, Regional Authority, 1954) C. J. Pleass, Regional Authority
    CHAPTER 1-1952-53 Eastern Region Supplementary AppropriationLaw, 1954;CHAPTER2-1954-55 Eastern Region Appropriation Law, 1954;CHAPTER 3- Local Loans (Eastern Region) (Registered Stock) Law, 1954;CHAPTER 4-Eastern Region Loans Law, 1954; CHAPTER5- Eastern Regional Marketing Board Law, 1954;CHAPTER 6-1954-55 Eastern Region Supplementary Appropriation Law, 1954; CHAPTER 7-Eastern Regional Marketing Board (Amendment) Law, 1954; CHAPTER 8-Purchase Tax on Produce Law, 1954; CHAPTER 9-Cattle (Taxation and Control) Law, 195;,CHAPTER 10-Eastern Region Finance Corporation Law, 1954; CHAPTER 11-Commissioner in the United Kingdom Law, 1954;CHAPTER 12-Eastern Region Development Corporation Law, 1954.
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    Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999
    (Federal Government press, 1999) FEDERAL republic of Nigeria
    Federal Republic of Nigeria, Powers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, The Legislature, The Executives, The Judicature, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Interpretation, citation and commencement
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    Laws of the Western Region of Nigeria
    (Ibadan: The Government printer, 1959-01-31) Sir JOHN Verity; Fatayi A. Williams; F. A. Ajayi
    PART I-Nigeria Independence ACTS, 1960 and Nigeria Constitution Order in council, 1960, PART II- Subsidiary Legislation, PART III- Appels to Privy Council , PART IV- Imperial Statutes, PART V- Imperial Order in Council,