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    The lost treasures of ancient Benin.
    (Lagos State: National Museum, Onikan, 1981-03) NKANTA, Michael A.; Emmanuel Nnabuenyi Arinze
    Punitive expedition 1897; Federal government efforts at restitution; Recent acquisition
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    The origin of Itsekiri-Urhobo brotherhood
    (Lagos State: Okpidjodji Printing Press, Amukoko., 1960-11-19) ORORORO, Raymond
    The itsekiri and Urhobo spiral; Why the itsekiri win land cases; Let us emulate Lagos; Late Arthur priest remembered; Delta and it's people; The truth about who owns Warri; Evidences of oppression of the Ijaws in Warri by the Itsekiris
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    The religion of the yorubas
    (England: A. Brown & Sons, Ltd., Hull,, 1942) LUCAS, Olumide J.
    Olorun the supreme deity; The major orisas; The deified spirits of ancestors and other spirits; The minor orisas; Priesthood and worship; The yorubas conception of man; Magic in yorubaland; Survival of hieroglyphics, emblems and other symbols.