Effect of Covid-19 Pandermic on the Use of Library

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National Library of Nigeria

This paper seeks to investigate on how libraries are affected by lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 Pandermic. Ordered choice models are developed to understand factors that affect the number of online deliveries made before COVID-19, and the number of household expenditure on online deliveries during the COVID-19 lockdown. Higher levels of technology utilization are also associated with higher levels of deliveries and expenditure. In view of the findings in this study, recommendtions are made that librarians in all institutions should be motivated by means of enhanced package that can be used to cover cost for subscription andf other social media tools that will boost their dissemination of health information on COVID-19 to the people, librarians should center their health informtion dissemination on COVID-19 on the need to adhere strictly to measures such as isolation and lockdown, going out for only vital reasons and essential services, stopping local travel, maintaining proper hygiene, avoiding hand shake, touch, hug, kiss and employing a social distancing of one meter from each other.