Nigerian books:

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Lagos: Commonwealth Secretariat Parliament Buildings, 1968

General Works, Agriculture, Career, Civic, Drama, Economic Development, Education, Geography and Travel, History and Biography, Home Economics, law, Language and Literature, Public finance, Public health, Religion, Science, Periodicals, Year book, List of Publishers

Books on the Nigerian stand at this exhibition represent the output of publishing activity in the country. Most of this is by foreign (mainly British) publishers with Nigerian branches or associated companies. There is some representation of entirely indigenous publishers. Hundreds of titles were offered from these sources for the exhibition, but the criterion of selection for inclusion is Nigerian authorship and/or Nigerian imprint. Evidence of substantial Nigerian contribution to the production of a particular title is an essential qualification for a place on the Nigerian stand. The Book Exhibition Committee on behalf of the Commonwealth Education Conference Organising Committee (Lagos) hereby acknowledges with thanks the contributions of the publishing houses and booksellers.