Guidelines for the Accreditation, Monitoring and Supervision of Teacher Education Programmes in Nigeria

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Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TCRN)

Introduction; Accreditation panel; Inspectorate team; Accreditation of programme; Monitoring and supervision

There are practices that are universal among professional regulatory agencies in order to maintain the integrity and standards of the professions. One of such practices is the accreditation of courses and programmes of institutions that prepare individuals for entry into the professions. In keeping with this reality, the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) undertakes the accreditation of the courses and programmes of all institutions that prepare individuals intending to be teachers in Nigeria. The legal basis and modalities for the accreditation exercise referred to above are set out in this document. Essentially, the modalities are based on very clear benchmarks arrived at after a careful examination of the modalities adopted by most of the professional regulatory agencies in Nigeria and Teaching Councils abroad.