The Insect Pests of Nigerian Crops and Stock

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The Government Printer , Lagos

Chapter 1- Introduction, Chapter 2- Notes on Major Pests of Crops and their control, Chapter 3 List of Crops: Palms (Oil, Coconut and Date Palms), Cacao, Kola, Coffee, Shea Butter Tree, The Castor Plant, Root Crops (Yams, Sweet Potato and Cassava), Cereal Crops (Maize, Guinea Corn, Bulrush Millet, Rice and Finger Millet). Leguminous Crops (Ground Nut, Pigeon Pea, Cowpea, Lima, Soya, Bengal, Lablab and Sword Beans and Tephrosia Candida), Fibre Crops (Cotton, Hemp-leaved Hibiscus, Urena lohata. Jute and Long-fruited Jute), Beniseed, Tobacco, Egusi, Vegetables, Fruit Trees (Citrus, Mango, Guava, Sour-sop, Cashew, Pineapple and Banana), Stored product, Chapter 4- List of Insect Pests and their Food-Plants: Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, ISOPTERA, Lepidoptera, Orthoptera, Rhynchota, Thysanoptera, Chapter 5- List of Blood-Sucking Flies, Chapter 6- Bibliography : Literature dealing with the Crop Pests, Termites and Wild Silkworms of West Africa

This book presents lists of the insect pests of crops and stock in Nigeria and a bibliography of the literature dealing with the crop pests, termites and wildsilk moths of West Africa (Mauretania to the Belgian Congo).