The Yoruba-speaking peoples of the slave coast of West Africa:

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Netherland: Anthropological publications,

Chapter 1-Introductory, Chapter 2-Chief gods, Chapter 3- Minor gods, Chapter 4-Remarks on the foregoing, Chapter 5- Priests and Worship, Chapter 6- Egungun. Oro, Abiku and various superstitions, Chapter 7- The Indwellingspirits and souls of men, Chapter 8-Measurements of time, Chapter 9- Ceremonies at birth, marriage and death, Chapter 10- System of Government, Chapter 11- Daws and Customs, Chapter 12 -Language, Chapter 13 -Proverbs, Chapter 14- Folk-Lore tales, Chapter 15- Conclusions

This is a collection of information concerning the religions of the cognate tribes dealt with, which chief purpose was to ascertain to what extent different conditions of culture led to the modifications of religious conceptions. Three groups of tribes have been considered, the Tshi, the Ewe and the Yoruba, who represent three stages of progress, the Tshi being in the lowest stage and the Yoruba in the highest. As these tribal groups undoubtedly had a common origin, it is reasonable to suppose that the Yoruba tribes were once in the social and mental condition in which the Tshi tribes are now, and that, in fact, in these groups we find the same race in different states of culture.