Annual Report 1964 - 65

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Nigerian Institute of Social & Economic Research

Governing Council; Administration; Research Staff; Research Programme; Other Activities; Publications; Appendix

The Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER) is the successor of the West African Institute of Social and Economic Research, which was founded in 1950 on the site of the University College, Ibadan (now the University of Ibadan). Its present name dates from 1956, when the West African Institute was dissolved, being replaced in the then Gold Coast by the Economic Research Unit and in Nigeria by NISER. Until Nigerian Independence in 1960, NISER obtained finance from the Federal Government and from Colonial Development and Welfare Funds; subsequently, it has been financed almost entirely by the Nigerian Government, though it is hoped that additional support may be forthcoming from philanthropic foundations. Though the Institute’s program originally emphasized anthropological research, it has been increasingly devoted to applied research on problems of immediate relevance to Nigerian development plans.