NIGERIA :the way forward

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Ibadan: Spectrum books limited

Section I: Opening Addresses , Section II: Politics and Society , Section III: Economy and Society , Section IV: Discussions , Section V: Policy Recommendations

The Obafemi Awolowo Foundation was therefore establishedin April 1992, as an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit public policy research Institute dedicated to the incubation,critique and dissemination of the progressive and liberal democratic ideas and ideals which Chief Awolowo stood for all his life. The Foundation is further committed to sponsoring and undertaking research and publication in the fields of law, history, political science, sociology, science, defence and international affairs. Through seminars, conferences, endowment of chairs, award of fellowships and scholarships and other outreach programmes, the Foundation shall seek top romote public education and mutually enriching interaction between the academia and public policy makers. In all its positions, publications and activities, federal republican Nigeria and would always speak for and provide a platform for justice, tolerance and fairness.