Dynamics of marriage

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What is communication? What is communication 2? What is communication 3? Right correction; Severity of abandoning correction; Exploring new approaches; Showing patience; Showing kindness; Eliminating comparison; Eliminating pride; Eliminating selfishness; Important relationships; Blaming Your spouse; Personal transformation; How do people see you?; In-laws; Parenting and marital romance; The Media; Seeing the bigger picture; Change your environment; Increase your knowledge; Examine your emotions; Set yourself free; Breaking addictions; Much Ado about women; Upgrading your romance Quotient; Romance: for Newlyweds; When your love is rejected; Time crunch; The Reality of marriage.

It is a great joy to bring this to you. We are on a crusade to connect hearts and strengthen families. We have been blessed with great testimonies of transformed relationships and families, some of them invoke strong emotions of laughter and tears of joy. Life is too short for you to have a terrible marriage.