Third Annual Report of the Eastern Regional Marketing Board (Established under the eastern regional marketing board law, 1954 (No. 5 of 1954)):

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Eastern Region of Nigeria

General; Producer Price Policies; Marketing Arrangements for Board Crops in the Eastern Region; Review of Operations; Selling Organisation and Arrangements; Financial Allocations for Development and Research; The Board’s Accounts and Financial Position; Conclusion

This Report, the Third Annual Report ofthe Eastern Regional Marketing Board, has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Section 33(1) of the Eastern Regional Marketing Board Law (No. 5 of 1954) which reads as follows: “As soon as may be after the thirty-first day of December in each year the Board shall prepare a report of its operations during the preceding year and shall forward such report to the Minister together with a certified copy of the audited accounts of the Board.” The Report covers the period 1st January, 1957 to 31st December, 1957.