Electronic Information Resource Sharing Among Academic Libraries in Delta State, Nigeria.

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National Library of Nigeria

The study was on electronic information resource sharing among academic libraries in Delta State, Nigeria. Data was collected for the study through a structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using frequency counts and simple percentage. The findings of the study showed that all the libraries investigated had electronic resource such as e-books, electronic newspapers, e-journals and e-magazines in their libraries. All the libraries investigated were equipped with ICT gadgets that could be used in resource sharing activities, providing suitable access to information and improving interlibrary teamwork were some of the benefits of e-resource sharing identified in the study, medium of providing access to e-resource through resource sharing was structured consortium arrangement with others institutions, but inadequate ICT facilities for resource sharing/networking, high cost of Internet connectivity, lack of government support, inadequate number of librarians with web technology skills and difficulty in mutual agreement were identified as the major problems encountered in electronic resource sharing among academic libraries in Delta State. The study also recommended that management of academic libraries should try as much as possible to acquire all necessary ICT facilities needed for e-resource sharing and for easy dissemination of information to patrons outside their libraries. Parent institutions and library managements should ensure that they release sufficient money for the maintenance of Internet connectivity in order to sustain e-resource sharing in academic libraries. Government should encourage e-resource sharing among libraries as this will assist librarians and other information practitioners in the sharing of information across the state, to information seekers, and librarians should acquire web technology skills needed for e-resource sharing among libraries.