Sectoral manpower survey, 1964:

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Lagos: National manpower board,

Planning and Coverage, Level and Structure of Employment, Type Analysis and Manpower Mixes, Future Manpower Requirements, Training, Level and Structure of Employment ,Type Analysis and Manpower Mixes, Future Manpower Requirements,Training, Level and structure of Employment, Level and Structure of Employment

in 1963, the Manpower Secretariat, in co-operation with Regional Manpower Committees conducted the first Manpowei Survey for collection of data on manpower employed in establishments employing Ten or more persons in all sectors of the economy One of the purposes of that survey was to obtain data for projecting future manpower requirements with particulai referenceto high-level manpower In working out such targets it was discovered that more detailed manpower data weie needed for each sector, of economic activity It was therefore decided at the fourth meeting of the National Manpower Board held on 20th January, 1964, that sectoral manpower studies should be conducted by the Manpowei Secretariat in a few important sectors Similar recommendation was made by the International Seminar on Manpower Problems in Economic Development with Special Reference to Nigeria held in Lagos in March, 1964 As a result the Manpower Secretariat initiated in 1964 an establishment survey into four sectors viz - Manufacturing, Mining, Construction and Electricity for collection of basic manpower statistics. The present report covers the results of the survey.