Dawn of a new era.

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The National Ministry Of Information.

The criteria for measuring the success of the National Military Government are not only in the records of activities and achievements, but also in the visible effects of Government’s activities on the people of Nigeria. The ‘DAWN OF A NEW ERA’ speaks eloquently of the great strides taken by the National Military Government within the short time it was established. It is hoped that this booklet will be the beginning of a series of publications spotlighting from time to time the activities of this Government. Efforts have been made here, not only to record both in text and photographs the peace and tranquillity that prevailed; but also to explain the favourable effects of the Decrees and Edicts issued by the National Military Govern ment during the period under review. Our guiding principle has been to inform the people as accurately as possible and to draw from the people a clear understanding of the efforts of the Government to restore peace, happiness and prosperity tothe Republic.

The new republic; Era of national reconstruction; Survey of events; Study groups and corporations; Decrees and edicts; Diary of events; Composition of central executive council and the supreme military council.