Mr Prime Minister

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Federal Ministry of Information

THE LAST STAGE Unity in Diversity pg1; First Prime Minister pg6; Counting the Cost pg8; Retrospect pg14; Ministerial Government pg17; Appreciation pg19; PREPARING FOR INDEPENDENCE: Three Requisites pg21; Freedom Talks pg25;The Task Ahead pg28;The Target pg29; The Challenge pg32; Progress and Prospect Independence Day pg47; INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Nigeria’s Stand pg50; The U.S. Congress pg57; American Experience pg61; European Economic Community pg66; Cocoa pg73; Trade pg74; World Commerce pg75; The Rule of Law pg76; Fundamental Human Rights pg77; Commonwealth Parliamentarians pg79; Bomb Test in Sahara pg81; Nigeria ’ s Protest pg82; The New Commonwealth pg83;The Haves and Have-Nots pg86; AFRICAN UNITY: Monrovia pg89; Lagos pg92; Addis Ababa pg94; The O.A.U. pg100; E.C.A. pg104; Council of Ministers pg105; Cairo pg108; Tale of Two Meetings pg113; Trade Unions pg117; Women pg118; Labour pg119; Southern Cameroons pg120; Research and Training pg123; THE HOME FRONT: Laying the Foundation pg125; Loyalty to Ideals pg126; Remembrance Day pg127; Railway Extension pg128; International Loan pg129; Self-Confidence pg130; Nigeria’s Commitments pg131; Niger Dam pg134; Development Plan pg136; Growing Pains pg140; Republic pg145; Nation Building pg146; Nigerianisation pg149; The Press pg149; Nationalisation pg150;The Opposition pg151; Austerity Measures pg152; INTERNAL SECURITY: Defence pg154; Special Constables pg156; Public Order pg157; Assassination pg159; Passport pg160; Subversive Literature pg163; Unfounded Rumours pg164; Military Training College pg165; Defence Academy pg167; WESTERN NIGERIA: Law and Order pg170; The Police pg173; Public Emergency pg176; Constitution pg179; Privy Council pg182; SUS Walk-Out pg183; second Count pg184; Final Figure pg186; VACATION AND SPORTS students pg187; University Service pg189; Technical Education pg189; Athletics pg191; sports Council pg193; Chancellor pg194; Corespondence On Lumumba pg197; Welcome pg198; Au Revoir pg198; Congratulations pg199; Peace pg199; Aggression pg200; shock pg201; sympathypg201; Institutes: From State House pg202; From the Congo pg203; Sudden voice of the north: Indirect Rule pg204; scholarships pg209; Respect for Authority pg211; Freedom of Speech pg215; Central minister: Lagos pg216; Water Supply pg217; Nigerian Privy Council pg218; Pioneer Industries pg219; Grant-in-Aid pg220; Magistrates pg222; Chief Secretary pg223; Inducement pg224;

A collection of selected speeches of the Prime Minister, Alhaji the Right Honourable Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. These speeches contain so much of the philosophy of Sir Abubakar as a politician, as a statesman and, above all, as a Nigerian, that it would be a great loss for the country, for Africa, and for the world at large, if they were not assembled together for easy reference.