Guidelines on the implementation of the freedom of information act 2011 revised edition 2013


Chapter 1: Fundamental principles of disclosure under the FOIA; Chapter 2: Refusal of access to information; Chapter 3: The Public interest test; Chapter 4: The Injury based exemptions under the Act; Chapter 5: Conduct of international affairs and defence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Chapter 6: Law enforcement and investigation; Chapter 7: Personal information; Chapter 8: Third party information; Chapter 9: Professional and other privileges conferred by Law; Chapter 10: Course or research material; Chapter 11: Disclosure of records; Chapter 12: Excluded Records; Chapter 13: Reporting Requirements under Section 29.

This revised edition of the Guidelines published by the Federal Ministry of Justice in 2011 is intended to help public institutions understand their obligations under the FOIA and to promote good practice in the effective implementation of the FOIA. The first of such advisories- The Attorney General's Memorandum on the Reporting requirements under section 29 of the FOIA (HAGF/MDAS/FOIA/2012/I) - which was published and circulated on 29th January 2011, is now incorporated as Chapter 13 in these Revised Guidelines. The FOIA is not solely concerned with responding to requests for information. It also requires that all public institutions shall keep, organize and maintain their records in a manner that makes them accessible to the public and also requires public institutions to proactively disclose certain categories of information through making such information available to the public using multimedia formats (i.e., print, electronic and online media. These Guidelines have therefore been produced to cover a wide range of the subject matter. Special care has been taken to highlight practical challenges and proffer possible solutions to such challenges.