Weekly Trust Friday April 10 - Thursday April 16, 1998 Vol 1 No. 4

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Weekly Trust Friday April 10 - Thursday April 16, 1998 Vol 1 No. 4 Buhari forgives Abacha, IBB. Pg.1-2; Buhari: Time and old wounds. Pg.3; Lawyer nabbed for alleged forgery. Pg.5; Court convicts girl rapists in Zamfara pg.5; 900 civil servants lose case for reinstatement pg.6; Life after the civil service pg.7; Fuel scarcity: search for petrol brings sorrow to man pg.8; Is newspaper publishing possible in the North? Pg.9; Publishing in the north: The challenge of the 21st century, Dan Agbese, Editor-In-Chief, Newswatch pg.12; The state of publishing in the North pg. 14; Computer companies lose money pg.18; Japanese economy in trouble pg.18; President Clinton’s African safari pg.20; Oil windfall soon for Angola pg.21; Rwandans remember massacre pg.21; Another Philippino journalist shot by criminals pg.21; Koromah’s men on trial in Sierra Leone pg.21; So much available, yet so much to fear: France ‘98 First Round Group B Preview pg.22; FIFA presidency: CAF’s wrong steps pg.23; Pro-league: Battle of supremacy pg.23; Ritual killings: Time to act pg.24; No safety for northerners pg.24;