Cultural rejuvenation for national integration and sustainable development

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Arts and Culture as Tools of National Integration. - A.A. Muhammad-Ouma; Youth Mobilization Strategies for Political Participation- Ekanem M. Ekonem & Dukana B. Ikpe; Traditional socio-cultural systems as models for stability and security in African societies - Adeyinka Aderinto and Akeem Ayofe Akinwale; Maximizing the Economic Potential of the Calabar Cultural Carnival. - Dr. Eze Bassey Eze; Integrating African Arts and Culture into the school Curriculum: models, challenges and prospects. -J. B. Bilesanmi-Awoderu; Envisioning values-based leadership: an exposition ofthe concept ofMutumin Kirki.- Daiyabu MuhammadHassan ; The State, Values and Development towards re-orientating Nigerian Youth for leadership. - E. RemiAiyede; Strengthening Democracy in Nigeria: Lessons from Traditional Political Systems. - Wale Are Olaitan; Rejuvenating community spirit for accelerated socio-economic development. - Ayo Olukotun; Culture as an instrument for sustainable development and National Integration -- Prof. Steve A. Nkom

Cultural Rejuvenation for National Integration and Sustainable Development. It is the product of a two-day international conference hosted by Centre for Black and African Art and Civilization (CBAAC). At the conference, a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of culture was adopted. The need to deliberate on culture for societal rebirth and sustainable development arose out of the awareness of and desire to incorporate culture into our national development efforts. But otherwise, our development efforts and quest for national integration has suffered reverses because of a vital lacuna. That is, the failure to incorporate culture into such efforts. The national conference was hosted to fill this all important missing links. To do this, the conferences adopted a comprehensive and inter disciplinary