Mid-Western State Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Programme, 1968-70

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Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Chapter I- General survey, Chapter II- Primary production, Chapter III- Industrial production, Chapter IV-Economic overheads, Chapter V- Social overheads Chapter VI- Education, Chapter VII- Administration, Chapter VIII- Financing the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Programme.

A brief description on the Mid-Western State was created out of the former Western Region of Nigeria on 9th August. 1963, not only to satisfy the yearning and political aspiration of the people for a separate existence as an autonomous unit within the Federation of Nigeria but also to enable the people to organise the rapid development of their region. To this end, the Government of the new Region promulgated a Four-Year Development Plan, Mid-Western Nigeria Development Plan 1964-68, designed to strengthen the infrastructural base of the economy, increase productivity in agriculture and industry, create a favourable investment climate in the region, and lay a solid foundation for future growth of the economy. The new twelve state structure of the Federal Government did not affect the territorial boundaries of the former Midwest Region. The implementation of the 1964-68 Plan was only halfway when the current political crisis in Nigeria broke out.