Law Reports of the High Court of Lagos 1966

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The Federal High Court, Lagos

Chapter 1-Abrico Ltd. v. Federal Board of Inland Revenue, Chapter 2-Balogun v. Bank of West Africa Ltd, Chapter 3-Century Insurance Co. Ltd. v. Atuanya, Chapter 4-Dosunmu v. Lagos City Council, Chapter5-Emodi v. Fawole, Chapter6-Faniyi v. Northern Assurance Co. Ltd,Chapter7-Johnson v. Daily Times of Nigeria Ltd.,Chapter 8-Kelani v. Jones, Chapter 9-Major : In the Estate of A. W. C. Major, Chapter 10-National Bank of Nigeria Ltd. v. Okafor Lines Ltd.,Chapter 11-Ojikutu v. Agbonmagbe Bank Ltd.,Chapter 12-.Roberts v. Attorney-General of the Federation, Chapter-13-Sabbe v. Director of Federal Prisons, Chapter 14-Thomas v. Atunrase, Chapter 15-Ubiku v. Registrar of Trade Unions

A brief description of the Law Reports of the High Court of Lagos 1966. To be cited as 1966 L.L.R. 1970 .Published by High Court of Lagos and Printed by The Federal Government Printer, Lagos.