HISTORY of West Africa

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London: Longman Group

Chapter1-Reform in West Africa: the Jihad movements of the nineteenth century Murray Last, Chapter2-Reform in West Africa: the abolition of the slave trade Christopher Fyfe, Chapter3-The Sokoto Caliphate in the nineteenth century R. A. Adeleye, Chapter 4-Bornu in the nineteenth century Ronald Cohen and Louis Brenner, Chapter 5-The aftermath of the fall of Old Oyo J. F. A. Ajayi, Chapter 6-Politics in Ghana, 1800-1874 Adu Boahen,Chapter 7-The Atlantic coast and the southern savannahs, 1800-1880 Yues Person, Chapter 8-The Republic of Liberia Abeodu Bowen Jones, Chapter 9-The Western Sudan and the coming of the French, 1800-1893 B. Olatunji Qloruntimehin, Chapter 10-Economic change in West Africa in the nineteenth century J. E. Flint, Chapter 11-The European partition of West Africa J. D. Hargreaves, Chapter 12-The establishment of colonial rule, 1900-1918 A. E. Afigho, Chapter 13-The 1914-1918 European war and West Africa Michael Crowder, Chapter 14-West Africa 1919-1939: the colonial situation Michael Crowder and J. F. A. Ajayi,Chapter 15-African political activity in French West Africa, 1900-1940 G. Wesley Johnson, Chapter 16-Political activity in British West Africa, 1900-1940 J. B. Webster,Chapter 17-The 1939-45 war and West Africa Michael Crowder, Chapter 18-Politics of decolonisation in British West Africa, 1945-1960 Olajide Aluko, Chapter 19-French West Africa, 1945-1960 Michael Crowder and D. Cruise O’Brien.

A brief description on the History of West Africa covered the period from the earliest times to 1800. It's emphasis was on the theme of state formation and the development of social and political institutions. Outside influencers such as the penetration of Islam into the savannah region and of Europeans from the coastal areas played an increasingly important but never predominant role.