The CUSTOMARY law manual:

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Enugu: The Government Printer,

Nature and interest of Land, Control of Land, Allocation of Land, Pledge ,gift and exchange of Land, Sale of Land, Traditional farming tenancies, Traditional residential tenancies, Commercial tenancies, Misecellaneous, Lands and houses, Economic plants and trees, Farm produce, Farm implements, etc, Livestock, Money, Furniture and wearing apparel, Insignia of office, Ofo and family headship, Titles, Special shares and responsibilities, Administration and distribution of estate, Disposition by Will, Maintenance of Widows and daughters, Widow inheritance, Woman's land and houses, Property (other than land) acquired before marriage, Property (other than land and houses) acquired during marriage, Widow's estate (other than land and houses), Testamentary disposition by women, Marriage, Termination of marriage, Acquisition of property, Transfer of property, Civil wrongs.

The laws set out here are current, well-established customary laws ascertained in the course of field research carried out over a period of five years by the Commissioner for Law Revision and a team of eight Law Officers. For the purposes of the field research, thirty-nine Divisional Law Panels were set up, one for each of the thirty-nine Administrative Divisions in what used to be the East-Central State. The Law Panels had a total membership of 364. These Divisional Law Panels were made up of natural rulers, former presidents and members of County Courts of Appeal, former Presidents and members of Customary Courts of first instance, former Registrars of County Courts of Appeal and of Customary Courts of first instance, Barristers practising in their divisions of origin, retired Administrative Officers, Community Councillors, Community Leaders and other persons (whether literate or not) selected for their outstanding knowledge of their local customary laws. Their names are set out in Schedule I, pages 374-385