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Founding Philosophy, The Foundation's Mission and Policy Statement, Opening Session, Welcome Address by Dr (Mrs) O. Awolowo-Dosumu, Chairman's Opening Remarks by Hon. Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, Keynote Address by Hon. Justice (Dr.) Akinola Aguda, The Theories and Conceptions of Leadership, History of Leadership in Nigeria, Sectoral Leadership: Problems and Prospects, Cultural and Geopolitical Considerations, Comparative Perspectives and Lessons from other Countries, The Generational Debate, The Way Forward, Concluding Remarks, Communique, Recommendations

The search for leadership in Nigeria was the key issue at the Third Obafemi Awolowo Foundation Dialogue which took place in Lagos in December, 1994. This publication is the outcome of the three-day Dialogue during which the problem of leadership in Nigeria was exhaustively and closely examined. For over thirty years since its independence, Nigeria has floundered from one grave political crisis to another. In that period, we have had a civil war, five successful military coups d'etat and five attempted but failed coups. We have had only two civilian regimes with a combined total of only nine years in power, while the military has been in power for a total of 25 years. In 1993, the long transition to civil rule programme was aborted following the annulment of that year's Presidential elections which should have brought the civilians back to power. The Dialogue took place in a period of great turmoil, characterised by uncertainty about the nation's political future, by deep social tensions, and by a severe downturn in the national economy with consequent deterioration in the quality of life of the average Nigerian citizen