Indigenous technology :

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Chapter One: Birth and Childhood Days , Chapter Two: The Educational Career of a Genius , Chapter Three: Working Life and Experiences , Chapter Four: Onu's Philosophy of Life , Chapter Five: Onu on the Development of Indigenous Technological Base for Nigeria , Chapter Six: From the Class-room to Government House , Chapter Seven: Onu's Vision and Mission .

For Philosophy to serve man and serve him well, it must have intimate bearing on man's enduring interests. Indeed, philosophy has served man in diverse capacities since the ages. In the analytic-critical nature of the discipline, philosophy has helped to clarify the ideas that man can claim to possess; in its cosmological-speculative nature, philosophy has ever ministered to the innate desire in man to know himself and his world better than what the senses tend to yield; and in its synthetic nature, philosophy has tended to unify the different knowledge-claims of man into a consistent whole. It is evident, from the characteristics of philosophy so far outlined, that philosophical endeavour can be totally divorced from human needs no matter how abstruse the product may be. It is for this reason that we find philosophers seriously battling with the problems of their age depending on their sensitivity and interests.