Mid-Western Nigeria development Plan 1964-68

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Benin City: Ministry of internal affairs printing division

Chapter I- General Survey, Chapter II- Primary Production, Chapter III- Industrial Production, Chapter IV- Economic and Social Overheads, Chapter V- Education, Chapter VI- Administration, Chapter VII- Financing the Development Programme, Chapter VIII- Manpower Implications and Employment Potential of the Development Plan, Chapter IX- Machinery for Planning and Execution

A brief description of the creation of Mid-Western Nigeria in August, 1963 as a fourth Region in the Federation of Nigeria is a landmark in the constitutional history of the Federal Republic, because among other things, unlike the three older Regions erected in colonial days, MidWestern Nigeria is the result of a conscious, voluntary act of an Independent Nigeria. As a necessary concomitant, the new Region had to begin its new life without the advantages of its older sister Regions. unlike the latter Regions, Mid-Western Nigeria had no basic headquarter requirements to start with. Between then and now some modest beginning has been made in setting the new Region on the ground but much still remains to be done in this regard.