The Ibo people and the Europeans: The genesis of a relationship to 1960

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London: Faber and Faber Limited

The Beginnings; Patterns of Internal Migrations and State Formation; The Slave Trade and Society; Economic Change in the Nineteenth Century: The Last Phase ofthe Slave Trade and the Growth of the Palm Oil Trade; A People in a Landscape: Iboland on the Eve of Alien Rule; Patterns of Moving Frontiers, 1830-1885; Moving Frontiers: The Impact on Ibo Society, 1830—1885; Alien Government: The Niger under Chartered Company Rule, 1886-1899; Moving Frontiers: The Invasion of Iboland, to 1901; The Invasion of Iboland, 1902-1906; The Missionary Presence, 1885-1906; The Colonial Impact on Society: The Scope of Government; The Colonial Impact on Society: The Economy; Colonialism: Some Patterns of Ibo Responses and Initiative.

This book is the first volume of a trilogy- A second volume, it is hoped, will continue the story through the period of colonial rule. A final one will deal with the history of a single Ibo community through the period covered by both books. It is based primarily, though not exclusively, on archival sources in four countries. These have been supplemented by oral traditions collected in Asaba, and, to a lesser extent, in Western Iboland generally. For the rest, I have depended on written versions of oral traditions, such as those preserved in the voluminous Intelligence. Reports in the National Archives, Ibadan. It would not be possible for any individual to collect traditions scientifically in even a significant proportion of Iboland’s many communities. The book as it stands represents five years’ work. To attempt a more extensive collection of oral traditions seemed impracticable.