Nigeria high level manpower 1963- 1970

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National manpower board

Planning and Coverage , Demand for High-Level Manpower 1963 , Future Manpower Needs , High-Level Manpower-in-Training , Teaching and Research Staff Requirements , Appraisal

The National Manpower Board at its first meeting in December, 1962 considered a report of the Secretary on the Manpower Situation in Nigeria which outlined some of the major manpower problems with which the Federation was confronted. It was emphasized that, as in other developing countries manpower planning, training and effective utilization must receive continuous consideration to ensure rapid economic progress. This was especially the case in Nigeria which, while facing growing problems of unemployment and underemployment, suffered from an acute shortage of many of the technical and scientific skills which are vital to the establishment and success of a modern economy. While, therefore, an essential aim of planning must be to create additional employment opportunities, it was vital to ensure that the right numbers of persons with the right qualifications would be available to permit the implementation of the development programmes of the Governments and to meet the needs of private industry.