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Eastern Regional Development Board, Enugu

Introduction; Constitution; Meetings; Funds; Policy; Investigation and consideration of Applications; Control of the use of Advances; Loans and Grants; Ikot Ekpene Co-operative Rafia Marketing Society; Port Harcourt Planning Authority; P. E. Uwem & Sons of Atabong Eket; Ibez Trading, Industrial, Transport and Manufacturing Company, Limited; E. U. O. Moody of Abak; Galega, Fon of Bali; Mr J. V. Clinton of Calabar; United Ex-servicemen’s Motor Repair and Training Workshop, Aba; Industry and Service Agency, Buguma; Mr A. A. Geh of Bambui, Bamcnda; Ibeneme and Sons Plantations, Port Harcourt; T. Wachuku Sawmill, Limited, Port Harcourt; Mr E. M. W. Epelle of Opobo; Onitsha Town Native Administration; Local Authority, Enugu; Mr G. N. MacOliver ofEnugu; Mr Oyibo Imegi of Ahoada; Port Harcourt Town Council; Mr Martin N. N. Eke of Okputong, Bende; Mr Monday A. Nwogwugwu of Aba; Mr J. B. Onwuasoanya of Aba; Awka Co-operative Carvers Union, Limited; Mr J. W. Evoh of Umuaro, Aba; Mr Solomon I. Major of Ahoada; Mr N. M. Bebe ofKumba; Mr D. E. S. Jumbo of Obohia, Aba; The Okobo Farming Society of Okobo, Eket; Messrs V. F. O. Briggs and Partners of Abonnema; Mr J. J. Ekpiken of Oron; Mr J. Ngu of Kumba; L. N. Obioha Bros, of Oguta; Mr F. K. Ockiya of Aba; Mr L. Y. Nkenderum of Otampa, Okigwi; Mr A. Nwabueze of Enugu; Chief T. O. M. Eruba of Akwete, Aba; Mr M. E. Ezenezi of Enugu; Nigeria Eastern Wealth of Mbawsi, Aba; Mr C. Anadu of Onitsha Town; Ikot Ekpene Ex-servicemen’s Mechanic and Transport Association; Mr H. O. Ekeke of Azumini, Aba; Chief K. J. Dagogo-Jack of Degema; Mr J. A. Mukete of Kumba; Erime Agwu Agwu, Oguta; Mr Bassey Akpan ofItu; Mr R. N. Ayuk of Sumbe, Mamfe Division; Mr B. A. Ajose of Enugu; The Local Authority, Enugu; Mr F. A. Lele of Twon, Brass; Chionye Ani Hus and Company, Aba; L. O. Okoro and Company of Aba; Mr M. A. Abassah of Aba; Mr S. H. Igbelina of Omerum, Onitsha; Mr G. E. Ukpabioh and Partners of Uyo; Mr G. O. Ejimofor and Partners, Enugu; Eastern Technical Company of Onitsha; Servicemen’s General Repair Company of Onitsha; Eastern Press Syndicate, Enugu; Mr S. B. A. Atulomah of Umuabili near Umuahia; Mr A. O. Udeorah of Ogidi, Onitsha; Mr F. Dibia of Obowo, Okigwi; Mr D. Asirim of Ahoada; The Calabar Mamfe Road Area Planning Authority; General; Instructions to applicants for a loan from the eastern regional development board; Report on the Audit of the Accounts of the Eastern Regional Development Board for the year ended 31st March, 1951. Eastern Regional development board balance sheet, 31st March 1951; Assets; Liabilities; Authorities; Income and Expenditure Account; Schedule of Loan

This is a brief discription of the Eastern Regional Development Board which was established on the 14th of May, 1949, under Ordinance No. 14 of 1949, as joint successor, with similar Boards in the Northern and Western Regions and in the Colony, to the Nigeria Local Development Board, which was wound up on the 31st of March in the same year.