Local Government Manual 1952 - 55:

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Ibadan: The Government Printer, Western Region, Nigeria

The Western Region Local Government Law, 1952 pg. 3 The Local Government Police Law, 1955 pg. 79 The Parliamentary and Local Government Electoral Regulations, 1955 pg. 89

The Western Region Local Government Law, 1952, is printed in this manual with all amendments made up to the first of October, 1955, inserted in the text. The text of the Law is printed in this form for the guidance of local government councils ; it is not in substitution for the Law and the enactments which amend it published in the Supplements to the official Gazettes or the annual volumes of the laws, which remain the only authentic edition of the Law and its amendments for all legal purposes. Where amendments have been inserted in the text a note has been placed at the bottom of the section affected to indicate the enactment from which they derive.