A New horizon.

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Ikoyi, Lagos: Federal Ministry ofInformation, and Culture, Ikoyi Road,

Fundamental Human Rights. Social Services. Rural Development. Foreign Policy. Economic Strategy. Politics ofthe Future — Towards 1990.

August 27, 1985 marked another landmark in the chequered history ofNigeria as an independent nation. A new military administration with Major-General Ibrahim Babangida as President and Commander-in-Chief ofthe Armed Forces was born on that day after a successful putsch which was heralded with jubilation by an overwhelming majority of Nigerians. The new administration knew very well that it has an uphill task but accepted the challenge ofrevamping and restructuring the economy that was so badly battered by unpatriotic Nigerian politicians of the second republic. From the inception of the Babangida Administration, it was clear to all and sundryfrom his pronouncements and early actions that the objectives of the administration were ECONOMIC RECONSTRUCTION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, SELF RELIANCE and an ardent belief in the fundamental rights ofthe individual. The general assessment is that the Administration has performed reasonably well in its one year in office. It is to the efforts ofthe administration towards its set goals in itsfirstyear in office.