Reports of cases decided in the Federal Supreme Court and the High Court of Western Nigeria

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The Government Printer, Ibadan, Western Nigeria

The queen vs chigbata olise pg. 1; Eusebius Evoroja vs Cathrina Evoroja and Chief Onovughe Uwevbiyerhiavbe pg. 6; Emurotu Ede and Okonedo Akpojiyowhin vs Osirire Ulogho pg. 9; J. E. Edokpolor vs J. I. Idehen pg. 11; Chief Sam Warri Esi, Monefe Abobo and Ohanoma Ogio vs Itsekiri Communal Land Trustees 1 and The Attorney-General (Western Region) pg. 15; The Queen vs Lambo Sokoto pg. 27; The Queen vs The Governor In Council, Western Nigeria and Ex Parte Prince Kasali Adenaiya pg. 31; Augustine Onuorah vs Commissioner Of Police pg. 35; The Queen v. D. S. Azigbo and Others. Pg.37; Gbadamosi Lahan (for Himself and on behalf of the Ikolaba Family) v. The Attorney-General, Western Nigeria. Pg. 39; The Queen Governor in Council, Western Nigeria ex parte Solomon Dada Adeyanju. Pg.45; Olabisi Beckley v. Bobby Olufemi Beckley. Pg.47;Oketoyinbo Amao and Others (for themselves and on behalf of the Okiri Family) v. Bello Amao and Daniel Babalola. Pg.50; I. A. Morakinyo v. Ibadan District Council. Pg.55; Miroslav Prichlik vs Edward Lovel Marsh Barlow Brothers Limited Lagos, Sir John D. Barlow, Bart. Thomas B. Barlow and Nigerian Rubber Company Limited pg. 59; Zahava Adams vs Ibadan District Council pg. 67; Samson Oshodin vs Ben O. E. Osagie and two others pg. 76; Buli Adisa vs Commissioner of Police pg. 81; The Queen vs The Governor In Council, Western 1 Region Of Nigeria The Honourable The Minister Of Local Government The Secretary To The Premier And Executive Council The Care-Taker Committee Of The Ife District Council In Re Joseph Adegboyega Adeniji pg. 86; Andrew Okojie and Four Others v. Commissioner of Police, Western Region.Pg.92; The Queen v. Governor in Council, Western Nigeria ex parte Adejuwon Odubote. Pg.95