FOUNDATIONS OF Nigerian Federalism :

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Jos: Institute of Governance and Social Research (IGSR)

Chapter 1- The Evolution of the Nigerian State: 1900-1914 G. N. Uzoigwe, Chapter 2- Unitarism versus Federalism: A British Dilemma I.A Nwabughuogu, Chapter 3- The British Military Establishments in Nigeria, 1900-1960 S. C. Ukpabi, Chapter 4- The Colonial Civil Service S. O. Jaja, Chapter 5- Local Government Administration U. D. Anyanwu, Chapter 6- Inter-Governmental Fiscal Relations, 1900-1960 Adedotun O. Philips, Chapter 7- Ethnicity, Nationalism and Federalism Fred Omu, Chapter 8- Political Parties and Federalism O.G. Ajene, Chapter 9- Religion and the Colonial State H. O. Danmole, Chapter 10- Law and the Colonial Society M. Y. Mangvwat, Chapter 11- Colonial Educational Policy Erim O. Erim, Chapter 12- Conclusion: Independence and the Triumph of Federalism:1954-1960 S. E. Majuk

A brief description on the foundations of federalism in Nigeria today derive from the historical experiences of its peoples before the advent of colonialism, the administrative structures established during the colonial period, and the various adjustments made to the country's structure since independence in 1960. These foundations have informed the adoption of Federalism in Nigeria; and these are what we have tried to unearth over the three volumes which are now available to the public.