My Odyssey

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Ibadan,Oyo state: spectrum books,

My Genealogy and nativity; Boyhood days; The Birth of a dream; In Quest of the golden fleece; His Soul goes marching on; In the Capital of the USA; The Truth shall make you free; The Pilgrim returns home; In the Land of Kwegyir Aggrey; Founding of the Zik' group of newspapers; Zik newspaper and the law; In the Course of duty; Safeguards and pitfalls; Our Activities in sports.

My life is a pilgrimage from the unknown to the unknown. I do not know whence I emanated or whither I am bound. I have been taught that my father and mother were biologically concerned with my conception and birth, during which process i developed as an embryo, emerged as a helpless baby, evolved into a dependent adolescent, and grew up into an independent man. After this evolution, I learned that idealism is that aspect of philosophy which concerns itself always with standards of perfection; while materialism reasons that, since the facts of the universe are sufficiently explained by the existence and nature of matter, so the material well-being of the individual should determine the code of human conduct.