Africa—A Modern History (1800-1975)

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New york, NY (NY 10003, 30 Irving Place): Africana Publishing Company A division ofHolmes & Meier Publishers, Inc. 1980

Africa is richly varied in almost every way—geologically, climatically, racially, linguistically, culturally. Are there then no themes, no patterns of development that hold good for the entire continent, or large areas ofit, and which will help us to understand what was happening in different places? Indeed there are, and the purpose ofthese first few pages is to survey the major events in broad outline, to build up a framework of history to which the more detailed information that comes later in the book can be attached.

For this reason it is no easy matter to write a briefhistory of the whole continent. In this book we have had to select in each region those peoples and events that we think we should write about. Inevitably, there is much that we should have liked to say but could not for lack of space. We state this at the beginning so that students will realize that the following pages only contain a selection from the history of Africa since 1800. There is much more for the reader who is interested in the history ofthe continent to study and discover.