Legal Deposit Compliance in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges

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National Library of Nigeria

The National Library of Nigeria Act of 1970 in section 4 clearly states legal deposit obligations and consequences for any infraction. This proactively provides a cover for inclusion of electronic publications which means that irrespective of the medium of delivery of the content, the legal provision applies. The number of titles submitted as legal deposit nose-dived from 903 and 1042 in 2013 and 2014 respectively to 351 in 2015 for serials. The rate of change (geometric mean) in legal deposit for serials and monogrphs in the last 10 years (2007-2016) were 1289 and 3399 titles/year respectively. Simple computation of legal deposit compliance level based on percentage of tiltes submitted against the total number of serials and monogrophs published in a particular year is also a problem. The details of the specific amendments being proposed to the legal deposit legislation are yet to be made public. A monitoring and evaluation pln which is a self-auditing process that helps management to identify any deviation from set goals is needed. The challenges facing legal deposit compliance in Nigeria range from the problem of non-adherence to the time-limit, non-submiossion of required copies, submission of impecfect copies, un-coopertive attitudes of some government agencies, publishers and authors to inadequate funding.