The Dangers of Political Thuggery and Rumour: An analysis of prominent political vices

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Who is a thug and what is political thuggery; The socio-political and economic effect of thuggery; Child abuse, harbinger of youth abuse Poem page; The role of traditional rulers; Contribution of road transport union and touts; The role of the mass media houses; Rumours; Protest as an act of thuggery; Hands on deck, to save our youths (Solution); Nigerian of first republic -2nd republic x-ray, 3rd republic in retrospect; Encounters and experiences of 1983 election; Military role from 60s to the present day; Factors that lead the citizens into thuggery, the Nigerian people particularly; Prevention of rumours and thuggery in Nigeria political system 69; The bitter truth.

This book on political thuggery and rumour is a master-piece of comprehensiveness. A real timely book which is full of the big ideas of contemporary Nigerian society. These ideas are illustrated by carefully chosen data from a wide range of materials and by a wealth of excellent ideas of the author.