Anambra state civil service rules

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Enugu: The Government Printer

Introduction, Appointments and Leaving the Service, Women Servants, Discipline, Salaries and Increments, Open Reporting System and Certificates of Service, Examinations in Law, Official Publications and Practical work in Professional/Technical duties, Language Examinations no longer Existing, Fees for Examiners and Part-time Lecturers/Instructors, Medical and Dental Procedure, Residence in Nigeria of Wives and Children of Expatriate Officers, Equipment, Compensation, Insurance and Personal Effects, Memorials and Petitions, Occupation of Government Quarters, Leave, Passages, Free Transport Facilities within Nigeria, Duty and Courses of Instruction outside Nigeria, Clothing Allowances, Acting Appointments and Allowances, Transport Allowances, Travelling Allowances, Inventions, Overtime, Disturbance Allowance.

These Rules supersedes all General Orders, Gazette Notices, Circulars, etc., published prior to 1st July 1978 on the subjects concerned, but should be read in conjunction with circular instructions and Gazette notices on the same subjectsissued on or after that date.