Teachers registration council of Nigeria

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Federal Ministry of Education,

Background of the Professional Standards; The Regulation of the Teaching Profession in Nigeria; The Statutory and Policy Framework for the Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers; The Scope of the Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers; Categorization of Nigerian Teachers; Measurement of Teacher Performance in Relation to the Standards; Arbitration Procedures for Addressing Breach of the Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers; Professional Knowledge; Professional Skills; Professional Values, Attitude and Conduct; Professional Membership Obligations; Guidelines on Induction at Point of Graduation; Guidelines on Continuous Professional Development.

With the Professional Standards for Nigerian Teachers in hand, there is no more ambiguity about what exactly a particular category of teacher is expected to know and do and how to assess these variables. Inability of a teacher to meet the Professional Standards will injure the pride,integrity and quality of the teaching profession in Nigeria and must be addressed following procedures established by the TRCN Act 31 of 1993 which is the apex and most important law enacted by the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to regulate and control the teaching profession “in all aspects and ramifications”.