Civil war mass dismissal of Nigeria police officers and men:

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1- Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu 8; II- Decree No. 46 of 1970.10; III- Fundamental Human Rights, Development Stage by Stage, 17; IV- The growth of the United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 21; V- Enthronement of Human Rights. Articles of Universal Human Rights 23; VI- The Thirty Articles 24; VII- Picture of a Patrol Order Constable 30; VIII- Details of our Dismissal, Disciplinary Enquiry and the Charges, Dismissal letter from Police Service Commission 31; IX- Charges Detailed. .31; X- Fates of the Biafra Army and Biafra.Police after the Civil War comparer 39; XI- Binding-up of war wounds 41;

Governments have come and gone in this country since the end of the country’s civil war, but none has been as near to the realm of the tenets of fundamental human rights as the present one. Our present president, Major-General Ibrahim Babangida, has unequi-vocably pledged his administration’s commitment to open society and government, Human rights and social justice. That assertion has flickered a glimmer of hope for those Nigerians who have genuine reasons to consider themselves oppressed and downtrodden by the various bad and very punitive laws and decrees of the past governments and their agents. My colleagues and myself as well as anyone along the line of our extended family system have been suffering under such inhuman enactments.