The Ibo law of Property

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Meaning of Ibo; Social background; Traditional organisation of the Ibo; Special functionaries; Legal personality; Supernatural persons; Natural persons; Corporate bodies; Law or custom? Ibo classification of property; Land; Economic trees and plants; Movables; Land; Classification of land; Geographical; Socio-political control; Exploitation; Rights and interests in land; Socio-political groups and rights and interests in land; The land and the individual Forfeiture of individual land Requisitioning for public use; Rights and Interests of Persons under Legal Disability; Classes of disability; Women; Infants; Slaves (Oru, Ohu); The Osu; Strangers; Aliens and companies; The place of local authorities; Rights in economic tress and hunting and fishing rights; Economic trees; General principles; Classification of economic trees; Infants’ rights and interests in trees; Women’s rights and interests in trees; Women’s direct rights in trees; Women’s derivative rights in trees; Fishing rights; Hunting rights; Movables; Movables and the socio-political authority; Movables and the individual; " Adults ” or persons suijuris Persons under legal disability; Enjoyment of rights and interests in movables; Disposition of Movables and Trees; Inter vivos disposition of movables; Sale; Gift; Pawn and pledge; Loan; Disposition of economic trees; Sale; Pledge; Lease;

A great deal of time and energy has been spent by anthropologists, missionaries and administrative officers alike in an effort to discover the meaning (and what is more, the origin) of the term “Ibo”, So far, no positive result seems to have been achieved in this line of research. Nothing daunted, these great students of Ibo society have put forward a host of suggestions and speculations—some of them quite ingenious, others not so clever. The most popular suggestion, shared by no less distinguished scholars than Meek and Basden, is that the word Ibo is a contemptuous term. Some writers indeed go to the extent of saying that the word stands for slave. But if Ibo means slave, one cannot help wondering who the master race are, were or have been.