An Overview of Factors Affecting Students' Performnce in Cataloguing and Classification in Library Schools in Imo State, Nigeria

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National Library of Nigeria

The study sought to determine the factors affecting students' performnce in cataloguing and classification in library schools in tertiary institutions in Imo State, The study covered Imo State University, Owerri nd Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri libraryschools. Survey method was adopted for the study, questionnire was for data collection. The total popultion of the study was three hundred and eight (380). The sampling size was two hundred (200) students from both institutions. The objective of the study was to investigate students' performnce in cataloguing and classification in library schools in Imo State, Nigeria. Mean Statistics and Standard Deviation was used to analyse the data collected. The study revealed that students of library and informtion science from the school under study do not have good attitude towards cataloguing and classification, as some have the perception that the course is boring and difficult, the findings also showed that the teaching method is not quiet interesting and it made the students not to have interest in the course. The result also showed that the availability of the teaching tools for cataloguig was not adequately used for teaching the practical aspect of the course. This however, indicated the poor performance of students in cataloguing and classification. The researchers therefore, recommended among others that the lecturers teaching this course should make the course more interesting, to help change the attitude of students towards the course. Moreover, the teaching method should be more of practical, where students will all learn/practice. There should be adequate provision of cataloguing and classification tools. In conclusion the researchers are of the opinion that if these findings are adequately addressed the performance of students will improve.