Emerging discourse in nutrition education for sustainable diet development and healthy lifestyle

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Oyo State: Department of Home Economics Education, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education

Introduction; Challenges on dietary intake in the community; Database on nutritional status and micro-nutrient deficiencies in Nigeria; National nutrition policy and the sustainable; Development goals; Nutrition education use, adds varieties into the diet and reduce for sustainable diet and healthy lifestyle; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.

The National Policy on Food and Nutrition aims at ensuring a country where the people are equitably secure in terms of nutrition and quality of life which would contribute to human capital and socioeconomic development beyond year 2020. However, to attain optimal nutrition for all Nigerians and particularly the most vulnerable, Nutrition Education must play a sustainable role. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a unique tool designed primarily for negotiators on health and well-being, the second, third, fourth, seventh and twelfth of the goals are directly related to the development of sustainable diet and healthy lifestyle of individuals and the entire community; on which premise this presentation is pivoted.