A paper presented at 2022 readership promotion campaign (RPC) organised by the national library of Nigeria held at Tazu academy hall, Doma LGA Nasarawa State:

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Nasarawa: National Library Of Nigeria Nasarawa State Branch
Reading is the bases of various information with immeasurable benefits, immediate and later. Relying on secondary sources, the paper enjoins all concerned to rise to the challenge, ensuring reading is greatly promoted. It highlighted the needs and the importance of reading for a healthy intellectual and plays a greater role in enabling a person to attain a practical efficiency. It also discussed thė need to inculcate reading habits to people's growth and economic sustainable developrment. It highlighted some challenges of reading culture to include change of Value System which is attributed to materialism, godfatherism, illiteracy and þoor funding of educational systems as iwell as lack of suitable and relevant information resources in the libraries for effective service delivery. The paper concluded that Inculcating Reading Habits is a concern to all the stakeholders, (policy makers), librarians, parents, teachers and the general public). All hands must be on deck in ensuring that reading culture is givęn a serious attention it deserves and relevant information resources are provided and made available and accessible to people for effective service delivery. Unless this is done, otherwise, Nigeria will remain underdeveloped.