Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette: No. 1 Lagos - 3rd January, 2017 Vol. 104

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The Federal Government Printer, Lagos Nigeria

ENABLING POWERS Revocation, citation, savings; Institution of trial and suits; Forms and commencement of action; Endorsement of claim and of contact information; Effect of non-compliance; Filing and issue of originating processes; Electronic filing of process and document.; Service of processes ; Service out of Nigeria and service of foreign processes.; Appearance.; Entitlements of deceased employee (TESTATE); Entitlements of deceased employee (INTESTATE); Pre-trial conference; Parties; Sexual harrassment, workplace discrimination; International protocols, conventions and treaties;. Defences; Summary judgment; Motions and other applications; Determination of motions; Arrest of absconding party; Interim attachment of property; Urgent relief; Interlocutory injunction and interim preservation of property; Rules applicable to general procedural matters; Reference to alternative dispute resolution centre; Cases to be placed on fast-track ; Amendment; Application for account; Assessors and expert witnesses; Issues, inquiries, accounts and references to referees and arbitrators; Pleadings—general; Statement of facts; Defence and counter-claim; Reply of claimant to defence; Admissions; Default of pleadings; Payment into and out of court; Settlement and trial of issues; Proceedings at trial; Reassignment of cases; Evidence/proof generally; Affidavits; Amicable settlement; Interogatories, discovery and inspection; Power of court to ask questions of witnesses; Filing of written address.; Non-suit; Judgment and orders; Application for judicial review; Enforcement of judgment and order; Appeals from arbitral tribunal, board of inquiry, etc. ; Garnishee proceedings; Proceedings in forma pauperis. Jurisdiction of the chief registrar; Change of counsel; Costs; Interpleader: third party proceedings; Computation of time; Miscellaneous provisions; Appointment of public trustee; Business in chambers; Withdrawal and discountinuance; Transfer and consolidation;. Committal for contempt of court; Stay of execution and stay of proceedings pending appeal ; Power of the president of the court to amend rules; Establishment of communications and service centre for e-filing; Fees and allowances; appendix—forms

The publication is a supplement to the Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette; National Industrial Court of Nigeria (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2017.